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The family of seals is also called the family of earless
seals. This includes about eighteen different species.

About half of these live in the Arctic Ocean. Five more
of the species live in the Antarctic Ocean. Three live
in the warmer waters of the Pacific around Hawaii and
also in the Mediterranean Sea and it's surrounding
waters. These include the rare monk seals. The
Caribbean seals are almost, if not extinct. Elephant
seals live in both the Antarctic Ocean and Pacific
Ocean off lower California.

Seals are pinnipeds as are the walrus and sea lions.
We have some really good articles on both you can
view at our stuffed walrus page and stuffed sea lion pages.

The best known of all the seals is the common or also
called the harbor seal. These seals live in the coastal
areas of the Northern Hemisphere all over the world.
See the above picture of the stuffed harbor seal to
see their coloring. Their coats are similar to a
leopards which you can read more about at our
stuffed leopard page.

Even more similar to the coloring of the leopard is
the leopard seal also called the sea leopard. These
seals can grow up to 12 feet long and live in various
areas of the Antarctic Ocean.

True seals have no outside ears, however they are
able like dolphins, to "hear" by picking up on
vibrations sent through the water and air. See
more about dolphins at our stuffed dolphin page.

Elephant Seals are the largest of the seals, they
are also called sea elephants. The southern
elephant seal lives in the Antarctic Ocean while the
northern elephant seal lives off Lower California.
Both are very much alike in their looks and size.

The adult male elephant seal can grow up to 20 feet
long and can weigh up to 4 tons! Females only
grow to about half that size. When the pups are
born they weight from 90 to 100 pounds.

The northern elephant seal was almost hunted to
extinction in the late 1800's but the Mexican
government took measures to protect them. These
animals were highly valued for their fur and oil.

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