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This Lovable Plush Stuffed
Walrus is a Masterpiece in Cuteness

Walter the Dashing Stuffed Plush Walrus
will provide you with hours of Entertaining
Pleasure and Fun, complete with tusks
and a heart filled with gold.

"Walter"  Stuffed Plush Walrus

Exceptionally Amusing these plush stuffed
Walrus toy animals

Are more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

A refreshing idea for the ideal present to anyone!

Click on the Stuffed Ark pennant
and you can purchase this Spiffy Stuffed Walrus
and have him for your very own.

Really Quick Delivery for your Stuffed Walrus

Walrus Calendars that will Turn you On

Pinnipeds are fin footed mammals, which are represented
by the walrus, the sea lion and the seal. See more
here about the latter two at our stuffed sea lion page
and stuffed seal pages.

All of the pinnipeds are carnivores, aquatic carnivores
to be more specific.

About 30 different species of pinnipeds live in the oceans
of this planet. They are most plentiful in the colder
waters of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans and adjoining
areas of the Atlantic and Pacific.

Walruses have large tusks and broad hind flippers which
help them navigate in the water, they are usually
larger animals than the seal lions and seals. These big
hind flippers also help them get around on land.

Walruses are the only marine carnivore with tusks.

Walruses are large animals but because of a thick
layer of blubber, or fat, they are able to be good
swimmers because the blubber gives them buoyancy,
it also helps them stay warm in frigid climates.
If the Walrus is unable to find food for periods of
time, the blubber will be used by the walrus for food.

A walrus is an expert diver and can dive from 200
to 300 feet below the surface of the water.

The walrus lives in the Arctic waters off both coasts
of northern North America and off northwestern Siberia,
both areas where it is quite cold.

A walrus can measure from 8 to 12 feet in length and
weigh in at up to 3,000 pounds!

Walruses live together in herds. Females mate every
other year and give birth to a single pup about a year
after mating. The male walrus is called a bull.

The main predator for walruses is the Eskimos who
prize them for their leathery hides, blubber, the
flesh for food and the ivory tusks. Many walruses
are lost after being shot because they sink. Because
of the wide spread hunting, some species of the walrus is in
danger of eventually becoming extinct because there are no
controls over hunting them.

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