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So Adorable and cute
Plush Stuffed Rabbits that are breathtakingly Soft

your heart will melt like butter
the instant you pick one up!

They make perfect companions
that just can't wait for you to give them a good home.

These exceptionally cute stuffed Rabbits will make
an excellent gift for that special person in your life.....
for children, and for all animal lovers everywhere.

Warm, Soft and Cuddly as can be

To get your stuffed plush Rabbit toy animal
Hop full tilt on over to our stuffed animal mall
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You will be exceptionally pleased with
the high quality of these stuffed plush Rabbits!

Easy online ordering along with satisfying customer Service.

Rabbit Trivia

Everyone knows about rabbits, right? From Peter Rabbit to
the Easter Bunny to our own or a friend's pet house rabbit, most of
us grew up with rabbits in our lives in some form. But there
are many interesting things about rabbits that you may not
know. For example:

* Angora Rabbits, which have long hair that is harvested and
spun into the softest of yarns, may have been around from
the times of ancient Babylonia. And some archeologists think
that they might have been worshiped as kind, longhaired
rabbit gods, see our stuffed angora rabbits.

* Rabbits stand on their hind legs to see further away and
check for predators or interesting activities by other rabbits.

* When they are very angry rabbits make loud grunting noises
or loud sniffs.

* There are over one hundred and fifty different coat colors
in domestic rabbits, but only five eye colors: pink, brown,
blue, blue-gray, and marbled).

* A necessary part of the digestive process in rabbits is to
eat their own special night feces. The first eating begins
the digestion of the rough hay or dried grasses that are
their primary food, and the second eating of the feces lets
them extract more nutrients from the predigested food,
especially B vitamins.

* All domestic rabbits are descended from the wild
European rabbit and cannot mate with the Cottontail rabbit
of the Americas.

* Rabbits cannot sweat. Their large ears help to regulate
their body temperature when it is hot, as the blood vessels
in the ears are closer to the skin surface and release heat
from the rabbit's body.

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Page creation By: Tippy & Alfred who find lots of rabbits on the farm
but none are as cute as these stuffed rabbits. They think it would be
a lot of fun to play with these stuffed rabbits and would recommend
that you purchase at least a couple dozen of each of them to brighten
up your home.