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Stuffed Sea Lion

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Fabulous Stuffed Sea Lions

Two different sizes, 10 and 13 inches long
of these Fun Filled and Sweet as Pie
Plush Stuffed Sea Lions. They will capture your
heart as you will quickly Fall in Love with.

13 inches long  Plush Stuffed Sea Lions

Plush Stuffed Sea Lion 10 inches long

You'll think you've been struck by the Cupid's dart with
our stuffed Sea Lion Toy Animals....
guaranteed to make you feel really good inside.

These almost divinely inspired stuffed Sea Lions
are a Really Cool idea to use as a present
for children, or for any person who loves animals

Satisfying and Rewarding to Play With

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Stuffed Plush Sea Lion
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Sea Lion & Animal Calendars

Sea Lions are the second member of the pinniped family,
along with seals and walruses. We have a lot of good
info about them on our stuffed seal page and on our
stuffed walrus page.

Like other pinnipeds, sea lions can live up to 20 years
if kept in a zoo. But, in their natural habitat they
seldom get that old. They are hunted by larger animals
like killer whales and sharks and by the most deadly
enemy - man.

There are about 12 or so different species of sea lions
and fur seals.

Four of these are found off the western coast of North
America. They are the California sea lion, the Steller's
sea lion, the northern or Alaskan fur seal, and the
Guadalupe fur seal. All of the other species live in
the Southern Hemisphere.

Sea lions and fur seals all have tiny outside ears and
streamlined bodies. The males are always larger than
the females. When breeding season rolls around, a male
will gather many females together for his own breeding
each of them.

At one time the Guadalupe fur seal was believed the be
extinct. But they did survive and now come yearly to
Guadalupe Island off lower California to breed.

When you go to a zoo or places like Sea World to watch
sea lions, the species you most likely see is the
California or Steller's sea lions. These species of
sea lions are fairly easy to train to do various
tricks and perform on command.

The California sea lion lives off the coast of California.
Males are very large weighing up to 600 pounds and
can reach a length of 8 feet while the female of the
species grows to only about half that size. The
Steller's sea lion grows even larger and lives
mostly along the Pacific coast line from northern
California to Alaska and even to northern Japan.

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