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Using the Dog Crate to Protect your Dog while you are at Work
By: Tippy

A dog crate is important when you must leave the house and
your dog for long periods each day, such as for work. You
should always confine your dog in the crate when you leave
your home. Your dog may not like it at first and may howl,
bark or even cry but after a while it will get used to it
and it will no longer resent you or cry about going in the
crate when you leave the house.

If you are leaving the house and going to be leaving your
dog in the crate then you should leave enough food and water
in the dog crate to last until you return. Also leave dog treats and
chew toys so that your dog has something to do in the crate
while you are gone.

Don't allow your puppy to manipulate you into letting it run
the house while you are gone. This isn't good for you or the
dog. Your dog can get seriously hurt if there is no one
there to watch it while you are away and it is not confined
to a crate. Don't worry and don't surrender to the dog. Your
dog will settle down and stop crying while you are gone.

It is much safer to confine your dog to a crate than to a
single room in the house. It minimizes damage to your
furniture and appliances and keeps your dog safe so that it
will not harm itself by chewing on something it shouldn't.
Many dogs are poisoned because people leave the dog in the
utility room and the dog gets into some laundry soap or
other chemical that was left out or was accessible to the

Some people tie their dog up in the backyard or leave it
loose in the backyard. Many dogs are stolen out of backyards
especially if it is a purebred dog. Plus, many people don't
realize that a dog can jump higher than you would think.

A small dog can jump three feet. A puppy that's back comes
up to mid-thigh can jump six feet when properly motivated.
And a chain link fence is scalable by a dog, so don't think
that your dog is safe in your backyard.

It is best to confine your dog in the house in a crate so
that it is protected from the elements, strangers, and from
dangers. A dog that is left in the backyard can and will cry
and howl whenever it is disturbed and neighbors may call
local authorities on you for your dog being a nuisance to
the neighborhood. All in all, taking the time and patience
to crate-train your dog is well worth it.

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