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Weiner Dog Racing

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Weiner Dog Racing


If you've never held the controls of a modified
weiner-dog racer, you can't know the feeling of exhilaration you
get when that puppy crosses the finish line, beating his
competition by a wet nose. Weiner-dog racing is all the rage, and
racing enthusiasts can't spend enough time at the track with
their remote-controlled dachshunds.

The "Weineracer 6000" is a popular racing dog.

Inexpensive, and fun for the whole family, it only takes a couple
of hours to convert a whimpering hand-licker into a lean, mean,
racing machine.

Weiner-dog racing kits are available at most hobby stores. For
under $75, a kit will modify your pet into a road-hugging racer
with an aluminum chasis, 12 volt electric motor, remote device,
and mind-controlling headset.

The dogs have a 5 dp (dogpower, equal to about .05 hp) motor,
Progressive Rate Suspension, and of course rear-wheel drive.
They'll get about 3 hours of use from the 9 volt battery (don't
ask where it's mounted), and the dogs get about 2 miles per
Snausage (m/ps).

But what about the animals? The weiner-dogs love being part of
the sport! Hyper to begin with, the cute little doggies enjoy the
exercise, and the thrill of running really, really fast. A
top-end race kit can get your weiner-dog running at speeds up to
35 kmh (25 mph).

"I love racing these puppies," said Gary Weimar, an amateur
enthusiast. "Doggy drag racing, puttin' the poodle to the metal,
it's what it's all about."

Gary's weiner-dog racer is far ahead of this modified two-wheeled

Other canines are compatible with the kits (Poodles, Chihuahuas,
shih-tzus), but weiner-dogs are considered to make the best
remote-controlled racers.

"They're the low-riders of the canine world," said Gary. "They
hug the road like an Indy car, reducing wind drag and making them
more stable. Plus they look so bloody cute wearing those little
fitted helmets."

"I had a terrier racer once," continued Gary, "but I pooched it
while going around an 'S' curve. He slid in a piddle puddle and
almost rolled. Since then I've gone with the weiner dogs and
haven't looked back."

To many, weiner-dog racing is more than a hobby.

"People sometimes consider them toys," said Gary, "but let me
tell you; I once raced this greyhound. Yah, I was doggin' it for
the first couple of laps, but as soon as I put that puppy into
overdrive the greyhound was choking on its dust--and the rubber
burning off the little tires."

With treaded snow-tires and miniature skis, weiner-dog racing in
the winter is just as much fun.

"Oh I love 'dasching' through the snow," said Gary. "You just
have to watch out and make sure the dogs don't get lost in a
snowbank, lose control on black ice, or stick their noses on to a
metal signpost."

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