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Puppy Training: First Week

Bringing home a puppy is exciting. They are so cute and
cuddly and you pretty much fall madly in love with them in
about two minutes. Then something happens such as an
accident on your favorite white rug or a chewed up shoe and
you start to realize the challenge you have taken on.

The good news is that any puppy can be trained to do the
behaviors that you expect from it. In the beginning it will
take some time and patience from you to get your puppy used
to the new rules, but if you take the time you will find you
will be successful.

The first step is usually potty training or housebreaking.
The most important thing to most people is that the new
puppy does not urinate or defecate on the floor. You should
start puppy house training as soon as you bring your puppy
home, taking it at frequent intervals to the area you have
chosen and waiting with it until it goes, then praising it.
The smaller the puppy the more often you will have to take
it out to be sure you don't have accidents in the house.

Dog crates can also be extremely helpful in puppy potting
training. If you introduce a dog to its crate properly, the
crate instinctively becomes the dog's den, its place of
safety. So if you are going to use a crate for training make
sure you never use it for punishment. The dog should think
of this as a safe place to rest when you don't want it
having the run of the house.

Your and your puppy's first week together will brings many
new firsts. You will need to accustom your puppy to its new
surroundings and the people and other animals who share
them. Small puppies should never be picked up or handled by
small children. Give your children a list of do's and don'ts
to keep your puppy and your children safe and comfortable
with each other.

Watch your puppy closely. There are many potential dangers
in your house and a new puppy is curious. If you plan to let
your puppy outside into a fenced yard you should still go
outside with it for the first few weeks to make sure there
won't be any problems.

Once you get through potty training and your puppy has
relaxed into a routine with your family you can start
working on more skills, depending on what you want to train
your dog to do. The first week is a period of adjustment for
everyone, once you get through it both you and your puppy
will feel much more confident. .
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