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When to use Dog Clicker Training

Dog clicker training is an especially helpful technique
for people who want to teach their dog well, especially if
you are working toward more than basic commands. The
clicker becomes an intuitive tool that can tell your dog
exactly when it is doing the behaviors you want from it. You
can think of your clicker as a little camera that takes
snapshots every time your dog exhibits good behavior.

Although clicker training can be used to teach many
different behaviors, there are some commands that go so well
with clicker training that you should consider teaching them
first when you start clicker training.

One of the most basic commands to begin clicker training
with is the sit command. The sit command is easy and simple
and you can usually teach it to your dog within one or two
sessions. Other simple clicker training commands include
training a to dog stay, off, down and train a dog to heel.

Once you start to do clicker training with your pet and
teach the basic commands you will find it is a training
technique that can be used to teach your dog just about
anything. You can move on to the more complex commands
needed for canine sports or assistance.

These commands can also include many fun doggie "tricks"
such as shake, high five, crawl and even dance. The clicker
gives your dog a clear cue on when you are happy with its
behavior. Once your dog understands that, the sky is the
limit as far as training because your dog loves to please

Puppies love clicker training and think it is just another
one of life's little games with a payoff in the form of a
treat. Older dogs can also get accustomed to clicker
training but it may take them a little longer to do so.

Clicker training has been an accepted training method for
many different types of mammals since the 1950's. Not only
is it a training technique that will work for dogs of any
breed it has even been used as a training method for
dolphins and other sea life.

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