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Types of Dog Crates and how to Choose the Best Type
By: Tippy

There are varying sizes and styles of dog crates that come
in canvas with metal frames. This type of dog crate is good
for camping or traveling. They are easily put up and
taken down.

But if your dog is bad about chewing on things and will be
left alone as you travel it may not be a good idea to get a
plastic, canvas or soft sided crate. Chewing dogs should be
kept in crates that are metal so that they can't chew
through the crate. Normally dogs feel comfortable in their
dens. If you have a compulsive dog that chews excessively
even while in its crate you may want to take it to the
veterinarian to be checked out for pests or a neurological
problem. In either case medication can fix the problem.

If you are going to use a large dog crate to keep your puppy in,
for housebreaking purposes it is important that you get a
crate divider so that the puppy isn't tempted to eliminate
in the further corner of the crate. A crate that is too
large may encourage this behavior.

Here is a check list to use when buying a dog crate:

1. Buy a dog crate that is big enough for your dog to stand
or sit with three or four inch clearance above its head. The
crate should be wide enough for your dog to easily turn
around should it choose. Measure your dog before you go out
to buy a crate so you can be sure.

2. Buy a crate that fits your lifestyle. A conventional wire
dog crate will allow your dog to see out easily but cannot
be used to fly with or to ship your dog. The plastic airline
crates don't allow as much freedom or ventilation nor can
they be folded flat. You may want to buy both types.

3. If you are going to buy a wire dog crate and keep it in
the house for your dog to use as a den you should: Make sure
the opening is large enough for your dog to easily get in
and out, and have secure latches for the door and small
enough mesh that children's fingers and hands can't go
through the crate.

4. Keep in mind that if you are going to keep the crate in
the house you will need to also buy items such as a dog bed
to go in the crate so that your dog is comfortable in it,
including a cover for the top and three sides if you don't
use an old blanket.

One final basic rule of dog crating: Don't let your dog talk
you out of it. Learning to stay in a crate is an important
part of its training to be a good family member, and once
the crate is familiar, your dog will thank you for it.

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