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Yorkshire Terrier Dogs


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Yorkshire Terrier Dogs - A small Terrier with a Big Attitude
By: Tippy

The Yorkshire Terrier Breed of Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small Terrier breed dog that
originated in Yorkshire, England around one hundred and
forty years ago, primary from terriers brought from
Scotland. The primary features that identify the Yorkshire
Terrier are its small size - adult Yorkshires shouldn't
weigh over seven pounds (about three kilograms), and its
long silky coat.

Yorkshire Terriers were originally bred and kept by miners,
weavers and other workmen to keep rats from damaging tools
or the cloth and other goods in the mills and factories.

It is believed that breeds such as the Dandie Dinmont, Black
and Tan Manchester, and Skye Terriers, perhaps the Maltese,
and long-haired local terriers contributed to the breed's

Selective breeding has reduced the average Yorkshire
Terrier's size from its normal terrier-sized ancestry to the
toy dogs of today. Yorkshire Terriers that were very similar
to the Yorkies of today were first shown in dog shows in the
late nineteenth century.

Today Yorkshire Terriers are shown in the Toy or Companion
Groups by most kennel clubs, but the breed still retains the
intelligence, bravery and other instincts of its rat hunting
terrier ancestors.

The breed standard requires that the show Yorkshire
Terrier's coat be of the finest silky texture, moderately
long, and perfectly straight. The hair on the dog's head is
kept long and tied up with one or two bows, and the body
hair parts in the center and hangs down on both sides.

Puppies are born black and tan with short hair and the
adult color develops gradually. Accepted colors are dark
steel blue with shaded tan on the sides of the head, on the
muzzle, and on the ears, chest and bottoms of the legs.
Tails are docked to medium length.

A well bred Yorkshire Terrier, whether show or pet quality,
should exhibit the terrier self-confidence and proud walk.

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