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Please tell me, how

can I know if my

Dog is Overweight?

Peppy Pets: the Online Ezine for those who Adore their Pets
April 28, 03

Is Your Pet Dog or Cat Overweight?

Obesity among dogs and cats is one of the leading nutritional
diseases. Many veterinarians believed it is the greatest
health issue facing American pets today.

The following health concerns may result from being overweight:

*  Joint or locomotion difficulties
*  Heart and Respiratory Disease
*  Diabetes
*  Liver Disease
*  Heat Intolerance
*  Skin Problems
*  Gastrointestinal Disorder

Here's an easy to read chart that will help you find out if
your dog is overweight or not:

My Dog Fat?


Yes, usually more than once a day which is more than I can
say for my husband or any family or friends, etc...I
probably tell Kitty Maru I love her more than any
person....I say....I love you least once a day
but probably more than that...I even talk out loud to my dog
Lucky who died at home and I often sense his presence and
Kitty Maru does too cause she does things he used to do that
she never did before....I love you Lucky...I know you are
still around. I miss you Lucky....I dream of him often and
watch Lassie a lot cause she reminds me of him....

Pam Schwetz


Yes I always tell my cats "Tiger & Sheba" that I love them
because I truly do. They are very adorable & special to me.
I take good care of them too. thanks Angie


I tell my pets daily that I love them. Usually when I get up
in the morning and feed them. Also, while I am cleaning the
litter box to help convince me that the stuff in the box is
not that "bad". I tell them again when I leave for work and
when I go to sleep at night. I have 2 kitties, Tigger who is
almost 12 and Zeus who just turned 3. I guess I just LOVE
them lots and they return the love by purring and rubbing up
against me!

Alisa Heeber

PS. I LOVE your newsletter (so you don't feel left
out I love Tippy and Alfred too)


I always tell my babies I love them. We raise and
breed spaniels so I say that a lot!!

Jo-Ann Yana


My dogs would say there are too many cats,
the cats would say there are too many dogs
and all 38 birds would say that they are
tired of the cats and birds! LOL

Gail Martin

If you have a favorite pet joke or quote to be considered
for publication here, please send it to us.


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