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Lancelot & Maverick the German Shepherds plus Religious Gifts

Peppy Pets
August 12, 04

Yes indeed, I do love Lancelot and Maverick, my German
Shepherd mix rescues. After God, they are the most positive
entities in my life. Sometimes I wonder if God created the
dog (they share the same letters--coincidental?) to teach
man about being human. Dogs usually possess many of the
traits we aspire to---unconditional love, genuine
forgiveness and steadfast loyalty.

Lancelot, the neurotic one, was born with cats and
interestingly possesses some cat-like traits. He is always
is getting in my way to make sure I am well aware of him. As
a pup when he was scolded he would literally wrap around my
neck on the couch and not uncoil until I said "okay".
Maverick is more a dog's dog. He sits by my feet (whereas
Lancelot is always "at level" with me) and doesn't like to
get mushy but he always has to keep an eye on me lest he
miss out on some excitement.

Their favorite word in the world is "Bub-bye" to denote a
ride in the car. It is better than a walk, which is well
adored, or food, which I guess is too plentiful! When we
issue the "bub-bye" word it instigates a celebration of
Mardi Gras proportions! Lancing prances up and down and
Maverick dances up a storm, wiggling his body more than an
Arabian dancer. It is a sight to behold! 

They are both 11 years old but they still got that puppy
spark in their eyes and their tags wag faster than ever! I
believe 'lots of fun & love' keeps them young. I thank God
so much for giving me two wonderful beings to love so

Thanks for your beautiful newsletter!
Laurie Jacob


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We would never go on a vacation without our pets. They are a
part of this family and they to need a vacation away from
the normal rat race of life. They travel in freedom in the
back of the truck, where my husband constructed a cage that
fits just in side the walls of the truck. They have their
beds and toys, the floor has carpet and the roof is covered
to keep the sun off of them. We drive for only four hours at
a time and then we all stretch our legs and a road side rest
area. The three of them receive special treats for being
good on the way to my sisters and on the way back. We stay
at my sisters for five days, and then we head home. 

After vacation is over and we are home and the three dogs
make sure every thing is okay at the house we settle back in
to our normal routine of life. They are security guard dogs
and very good at what they do. So Toi, Shi, and Kookie would
never be left behind for mom and dad to go off without them,
not heard of in this house.

Thanks for letting me tell you my side of vacation. And
thanks for all the helpful ideas of traveling and food and
treats, and just thanks for being all of you.
Toi, Shi, & Kookie's mom


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