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Bernese Mountain Dog's

Nutrition Needs & Food

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Caring for a Bernese Mountain Dog
From Tippy and Alfred

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed is a very healthy and hardy
dog. But because they are a large dog they are susceptible
to elbow and hip dysplasia, especially when mistreated,
malnourished or overworked. They are also prone to bloat,
eyelid problems and cancer.

These dogs live six to eight years on average. This low
average is because of the growing problem with cancer with
this dog breed. They use to live between ten and twelve
years. The BMD Club of America in the year 2000 did a health
survey on 1,332 Bernese dogs and found that the average age
that a Bernese died at was 7.2 years of age.

One person states "I know of several that died of cancer at
3-4 yrs old and one that died two days before his 2nd
birthday. The BMD Club of America is aggressively
researching this cancer issue! We must see if we can end
this sad situation."

It is important that you buy your Bernese Mountain Puppy
from a respectable breeder. With this breed in particular it
can mean more years with your dog if you get a puppy from a
breeder that has little to no cases of cancer death in their
breeding line.

Be sure to get health papers, DNA tests, health checkups,
registration papers and hereditary line papers from your
breeder. A responsible breeder will be able to provide you
with all of this information.

This dog needs to be groomed. Daily to weekly brushings will
be needed for the thick, long coat. This dog breed sheds
seasonal and is a heavy shedder. During these times you will
need to brush out the coat at least every day. Bath the dog
only when necessary or dry shampoo it.

This breed takes a while to mature and will act like a puppy
for longer than most dogs. They will need a consistent
master that can look past their puppyish ways to the dog
that needs stability and leadership.

If a Bernese is spoiled and treated like a baby it will
become a problem child that acts nothing like how the breed
is supposed to act. Dogs need to know their place to feel
secure. Obedience training is a must with such a large,
intelligent dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog - What I Recommend
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The sturdy Bernese Mountain Dog has the same
nutritional requirements of the Saint Bernard.

All precautions against bloat, heart and joint
disease must be taken.

How to Prevent Bloat in your Bernese Mountain Dog

See how to help Prevent Arthritis

L-carnitine and taurine rich foods must be added
to a high quality alternative professional food, 
along with alfalfa to help prevent bone disease.

Here's  a Really Healthy, Nutritious Dining
Experience for your Bernese Mountain Dog

Online Right Here

Keeping your dog thin until 2 years of age,
no Frisbee, and steady exercise will help ensure
strong muscles and stable bone development.

Daily grooming helps reduce shedding, as will
the addition of vegetable enzymes to the diet.

Cleaning the ears and eyes daily with goldenseal
solution will prevent infections.

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