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Causes of Canine


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By: Tippy

There are certain factors that will make developing Canine
Arthritis more likely. Being able to know what these factors
are is a good way to prevent Canine Arthritis from
developing in the first place. Of course there are some
things that can't be prevented, like old age. But other
factors are preventable.

Canine Arthritis is a debilitating disease that decreases
your dog's ability to lead a full life. And a dog that is
between seven and eleven years of age has a sixty-five
percent chance of developing Canine Arthritis.

Here are some common factors involved with the development
of Canine Arthritis:


Canine Arthritis strikes dogs that are older in most cases.
The onset of Canine Arthritis is usually around ten years of
age. This is related to a natural part of aging, since dogs
joints will eventually show accumulated wear until they
develop some kind of issues with those joints.

Although you can't stop the aging process, keeping your dog
healthy with a good diet and plenty of exercise helps
postpone or even stave off diseases associated with old age.

Joint/Muscle/Ligament Diseases & Hip dysplasia:

Diseases like hip dysplasia that strike dogs are more likely
to contribute to the development of Canine Arthritis.
Diseases that affect the joints, muscles and ligaments put
extra strain on the body. Some of these diseases are genetic
in nature and little can be done about them. Other disease
can be prevented by proper administration of immunization

If your dog suffers from a condition that affects these
areas then proper treatment is necessary under the
supervision of a veterinarian. Allowing a disease to
continue or worsen will take a toll on your dog's body that
can later lead to Canine Arthritis.

Poor Nutrition

It has been found that improper nutrition can lead to Canine
Arthritis. If you do not feed your dog properly or use poor
grade dog food then it will lead to a host of health
problems developing in your dog, not just Canine Arthritis.
An imbalance of vitamins, protein and minerals will also
diminish your dog's energy and stamina.

It has been found that corn and associated corn products
like corn gluten, corn meal, etcetera plays a role in this.

Many major commercial dog food brands use corn as a filler
in their dog foods despite scientific evidence that it is
very bad for dogs. Your dog needs the right protein,
vitamins and minerals if it is to lead a healthy normal
doggy life.

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