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Clicking, Swelling

and Inflammation of

the Joints in

Arthritis Dogs

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Symptoms of Canine Arthritis - Part 2
This article presented to you by: Tippy

Often the first Canine Arthritis symptom you may notice is
limping. Another is the joints clicking as the dog walks up
and down stairs or even simply walking. As the joints swell
the ligaments tighten, and after lying down the dog may have
trouble with serious pain and stiffness in one or more legs
as it tries to walk. If the limping is worse in the morning
and lessens throughout the day Canine Arthritis is the most
likely cause.

Loss of Weight:

A dog with Canine Arthritis is constantly having a strain
put on its body from the pain associated with the disease.
The pain will affect the dog's appetite. Dogs that were once
healthy eaters and even begged for more but now have shown a
decrease in appetite should be taken to a veterinarian to
rule out sickness or disease.


Canine Arthritis does cause an almost constant mild fever to
develop. The pain is the major contributing factor to the
fever and is seen in the later stages of Canine Arthritis.
But a fever can still be a symptom of some other form of
sickness or disease so you should take your dog to a
veterinarian to be sure that you pet gets the treatment that
it needs to manage the problem.

Loss of Muscle Tone:

Some dog breeds have very good form, build and musculature.
If your previously good looking dog suddenly loses its
physique it may be a symptom of Canine Arthritis. Dogs
that suffer from the pain associated with Canine Arthritis
are reluctant to move, thus they don't get the exercise that
they used to in order to keep their physique. Check and make
sure that there are no other symptoms, and definitely find
out what the problem is so that your dog can lead a happy,
full life.

Canine Arthritis will affect sixty-five percent dogs between
the ages of seven and ten years old. If you can catch the
disease before it gets into the later stages you can do a
lot to help your dog manage the disease and remain
comfortable. This will also prevent your dog from suffering
nearly as much even as the disease progresses.

Be sure that if your dog does have a case of Canine
Arthritis that has been confirmed by the veterinarian you
give the medicines and treatments that you are supposed to,
in order for your dog to be as comfortable as possible.
Arthritis is a horrible disease that will affect the way a
dog lives its life. Living in pain all the time just because
you move is depressing.

Most dogs that get to the later stages of Canine Arthritis
don't live very much longer because of the pain and the
secondary diseases getting in because of a stressed and
diminished immune system response. Be sure to do what it
takes to make your dog as comfortable as possible so that
you and your dog can have as much full time together as you

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