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Cat Sounds Defined

What your Cat is Saying and What it Means
By: Alfred (who is an expert on cat noises & sounds)

There are many subtle variations in the sounds that a
domestic cat can make, but according to the experts there
are only seven basic messages in a cat's sounds:

Sounds of an Angry Cat: Growling, snarling, hissing,
spitting, wailing and howling are all sounds that a cat
makes when it is angry. When a cat fights it is very loud
and noisy. But all of these sounds carry with them an
express warning: "Stay away or I will hurt you!"

Sounds of Fear in Cats: When a cat is scared or trapped it
will make a yowling noise. If the object that it is afraid
of comes closer it may hiss and spit. Essentially it is
saying, "I'm scared! I'll hurt you if you come any closer."

Sounds of Pain in Cats: When in great pain a cat will yell
"YEEOOOWWW!". It's very obvious what this means and doesn't
need explanation.

Sounds a Cat Makes when Seeking Attention: "Meow" is what a
cat says when it is seeking your attention. The cat will
usually be looking pointedly at you and if it wants food or
water may even lead you to what it wants, or jump up in your
lap for petting. This is a kitten sound that domestic cats
never grow out of.

Sounds a Cat Makes when Wanting you to follow: The cat will
emit a soft chirrup noise. It can also mean "Hi". This is a
sound that the mother cat makes to the kittens and is
carried over later in life. You might hear this when the cat
is moving or going towards its food source.

When a Cat is Feeling carefree: Sometimes the cat will just
purr for no apparent reason. This is its way of telling you
it is in a good mood, similar to a human's smile.

When a Cat has the Urge to Kill: When a cat spots some prey
and goes on the prowl they will sometimes make a clicking
sound with their teeth. It is assumed that this is either a
way to intimidate the prey or it is imitating the sound the
prey will make in their mouth when they eat them.

Purring in a cat can also mean discomfort. Purring seems to
be a fairly involuntary response to strong emotion.
Sometimes when a veterinarian handles a feral cat it will
fight and purr at the same time.

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