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Overview of Dog Training Equipment

Training your dog can be a big job but the long term
behavior of a well trained dog is definitely worth a little
learning and effort. You will both be much happier for it.
There are a few basic things you need to have on hand if you
plan to train your dog yourself.

The first thing you will need is a good dog collar and leash
set. Training your dog to walk on a leash and learning how
to control him on the leash are two very important steps to
a having a well trained dog, so getting a good leash and
collar is step number one for training.

Leash training is important because you need to take your
dog out in contact with other people and dogs, and new odors
and objects, to socialize it and prevent phobias that might
form due to its instinctive fear of strange things.

There are several different types of dog lead systems on the
market. You might choose a basic collar, a harness or even a
choke collar. The type of collar and lead you want depends
on the breed and weight of your dog and what you are
training it to do.

For a large puppy a harness may be best because it is easier
to control a dog in a harness and a harness and leash may
less frightening to the puppy, but an older dog should learn
to walk on lead with a suitable collar. If in doubt consult
your veterinarian, breeder, or an experienced dog trainer.

Another tool that you really need is a guide of some kind.
Books, videos, websites and many other resources are
available on dog training and the equipment you need to be

Another training aid many people invest in, especially with
puppies, is a dog crate. Crate training is great as to help
with housebreaking and keeping your pup from getting into
trouble or danger while you are out, and if a dog gets used
to the crate it becomes a "den" in which the dog feels safe,
so the crate is also invaluable if you move or if you travel
with your dog.

Once you decide on the type of training and the behaviors
you are training for, you may need additional equipment such
as a clicker if you decide on clicker training or tunnels,
gates and other equipment for the various canine competitive
sports. You can pick up most of this basic dog training
equipment either online or at your local pet supply store.

Once you have the proper dog training equipment, do some
study and then apply love and patience and your dog will be
on its way to being well trained in no time.

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