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Your Pet Pig needs Quality Care for it's Eyes

Pigs have poor eyesight. From when they are little piglets to
when they are fully grown it doesn't get any better or easier for
them to see. Not because they are overweight per se, but because
of genetics. That is why you need to be careful about sticking
your fingers anywhere near your pig's mouth, because it may just
mistake your fingers for a snack.

Some people who bring home their pet pig for the first time are
surprised that their pig doesn't see well and think there is
something wrong with it. That isn't true, pigs just don't see

And as some pigs age, folds of skin and fat will appear around
the eyes and sometimes droop into them. As long as your pig is
not overweight this isn't a problem for them. That is just the
way they are made. As they get to be senior piggies they may shut
there eyes a lot or really not open them much. This is also

Most pigs' eyes will run with fluid, and sometimes this fluid is
brownish in color. Don't worry; it is just your pig flushing out
its eyes. This is also normal. If there is excessive drainage
that is brown and yellow in color and the eyelashes become
crusted with yellow this may be a sign of an infection and you
should see the veterinarian about it.

The best way to clean a pet pig's eyes is to use a damp cloth and
gently wipe away the fluid and goo. You may even find that their
blankets or whatever they sleep on may have fluid on them from
their eyes leaking. This is also normal. Pigs that live in dusty
areas will have even more drainage flushing out the dust in their

Some pigs suffer from what is called entropia. This is a
condition that occurs when eyelashes lay on the eyeball. This is
correctable with minor surgery. If your pet pig needs this
surgery, make sure that your veterinarian is aware to use ISO
instead of anesthetics that can harm your pig.

Again, understand that because of their poor eyesight you should
never stick your fingers out quickly toward a pig, especially a
strange pig. This could cause you to lose a digit. Pigs have a
tendency to snap at things that come at their faces quickly, for
understandable reasons. For this reason you should warn children
never ever to put their hand out for a pig to sniff. Always move
slowly and gently with a pig so that they know what you are doing
and where you are.

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