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Golden Retrievers - Happy Go Lucky, Versatile & Pleasing
By: Tippy

The Golden Retriever, one of the most popular breeds in the
United States, is an active, charming, confident, eager to
please, easily trained, gentle, intelligent, lovable, loyal,
patient, well mannered dog. They are usually wonderful with
children and make excellent family dogs.

The Golden Retriever loves to please its master, so
obedience dog training is fun and simple. Goldens excel in
obedience competitions because of their willingness to
please, intelligence and eagerness.

The Golden Retriever breed was developed in Great Britain,
most likely from crossing the Flat-Coated Retriever with
Tweed Water Spaniels and other spaniels and setters. There
is also the possibility of Bloodhound and Newfoundland mixed
into the bloodline. The breed was first shown as the Golden
Flat-Coat Retriever.

The Golden Retriever is a dog with a sturdy, well-
proportioned body. The neck is muscular and the chest is
broad. The thighs are muscular and the tail is long with no

One of the breed's most recognizable features is the medium-
length, feathered, cream to golden colored coat. The coat
color should never be red but it may be any color between
golden red and blonde. The outer coat is water-repellent,
while the undercoat is dense and protective.

The Golden Retriever's head is broad with a clear frontal
stop and tapers to a wide powerful muzzle. The ears are
pendant and medium-sized. The eyes are brown with dark rims
and a kind expression and the nose is black. The teeth come
together in a scissors bite.

Foremost, this dog is a family companion, although
individuals of this breed have won first place in many
obedience and hunting competitions. Golden Retrievers also
make great bird dogs on both land and water. They have an
excellent sense of smell and can be used to hunt and track
as well as in narcotics detection.

Because this dog breed loves to please and has a great
capacity for learning and for loving its people, Goldens are
also often used as guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs
and service dogs to the disabled. They have also been used
in search and rescue on land and water. All in all, this is
a big "teddy-bear" of a dog, with many positive qualities
and few faults.

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