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The Best Container for your Rabbit Litter Box

It really isn't very hard to housebreak a pet rabbit,
and this way you can not only keep your pet in your home
where it will be the most happy, safe and cared for. Also it
will be allowed to hop around with supervision and interact with
you as a real, loving pet.

So, if you are ready to work with your bunny on
housebreaking, obviously the first thing you will need to do
is to choose the best litter box and get it all set up for
your rabbit to learn about. But what type of box should you
choose, and what is the best thing to put in it? Here is
some advice from experienced house rabbit owners.

For rabbits, the larger the litter box, the happier the
rabbit and the more likely it will use it as you intend.
Rabbits like to use their litter boxes as resting and snack
spots too. A rabbit will dig in its box; munch on fresh hay
at the snack end, while pooping and peeing at the toilet
end. So choose a box that is large enough for your rabbit to
move around in easily and that is deep enough to hold plenty
of hay, with a lower point on one side for easy entry.

A good cat litter box of the appropriate size should work,
but if you can find one of the boxes designed for a dog,
that is better. Don't buy one of the popular triangle litter
boxes sold for rabbits, though. They are all far too small
and many rabbits will simply pee over the side of the box.

Many rabbits will throw litter, and some will even throw the
litter box, so keep that in mind when choosing the boxes and
locations for them. One excellent solution for your rabbit
is to buy a ten-gallon plastic storage container such as
those sold by Rubbermaid TM and if your rabbit is smaller
cut an opening halfway down one side so the rabbit can get
in easily. The high sides hold the flung litter and your
rabbit will have plenty of room to maneuver inside its box.

Rabbits, like cats, like a choice in where to go, so set up
a couple of boxes in different locations, including inside
the hutch. It really shouldn't take too long for you and
your rabbit to work out an arrangement that you both will

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