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How to Train your Dog to Sit on Command
From your friend, Tippy

Training your dog to sit on command is one of the basic
commands and is an easy one to teach after your dog
has mastered house breaking and leash training. Your dog
will probably learn this command easily and it will build
your and its confidence, which will help when mastering more
advanced skills later on.

The "Sit" command will come in very handy for those times
when you need your dog to sit calmly rather than jumping on
guests or charging out the front door every time you open
it. Training to sit usually only takes a few sessions before
a dog begins to obey quickly.

To get started you can get a handful of your dog's favorite
soft dog treats and carry them in an easily accessed spot.
Many dog trainers use special belt pouches or belly bags for
treats. Find a place that is quiet and free of distractions
to the dog to start your training.

Start by holding a treat in your hand. Put the treat in
front of the dog's nose and then slowly start moving it up
and back over the dog's head. Your dog reaching up for the
treat will automatically make the dog stretch and as a
result its rear end should hit the ground. If it jumps up
instead, simply tell it "down" and push it back down, and
try again, making sure to move the treat back toward the
dog's rear.

As soon as the dog's behind hits the ground give it praise
and give it the treat. Repeat this step a few times until
your dog gets the idea. Once it knows what you are asking it
to do, it is time to add a voice command.

Start over again, but this time, introduce the verbal
command when your hand lifts up with the treat. As you pull
the treat up and the dog starts to go for it, say a firm

Your dog should catch on quickly to this training. Once it
has grasped what behavior the command to "Sit" is asking for
you should be able to use the "Sit" command anywhere, even
without a treat, and the dog will follow the voice command.

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