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Complete Nutrition

and Care Guide

for Irish Setters

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Health issues that Irish Setter's are Susceptible to
Presented to You by: Tippy

Some Irish Setters have an issue with bloating. It is better
to feed this dog breed two or three small meals a day rather
than one large one. The Irish Setter is also susceptible to
epilepsy and severe skin allergies. They may also suffer
from eye problems and elbow and hip dysplasia. They have
also been known to get auto-immune disease, hypothyroidism
and PRA.

Because some Irish Setters have severe skin allergy issues
and bloating problems it is important that you feed your dog
a food that is very good for dogs. Most dogs are allergic to
certain grains found in cheap dog foods so buying a food
that is a little more expensive will in the long run cut
down on sickness and misery for your dog.

It is important that a dog get the best food
that it can in order to stay healthy. This will cut down on
veterinarian bills over time and extend the life of your
dog.  (See our recommendations below)

The ears need to be checked and cleaned with a damp rag
regularly in order to prevent ear inflammation. Ear
operations for otitis often will make the dog ill-tempered
afterwards, so be sure to check the ear regularly for

It is important that clear, calm, confident and consistent
leadership is displayed to this dog breed. If you are a
person that is meek or passive then owning this dog may not
be for you. You will definitely have difficulty training
this dog under those conditions.

Consistent training is necessary for this dog over all of
its life. This is to reinforce not only the training that
you have done with the dog previously but also to reinforce
your leadership position over this dog. Dogs will naturally
obey their pack leader but if you are passive about training
and obedience naturally the dog will stop obeying you and
will do its own thing.

This breed needs to be thoroughly trained and has a bad
habit of picking up bad habits quickly. This is why they
need to start dog training as early as possible to prevent bad
habits from forming. Socialize and train these dogs well.

Your Irish Setter's Health Care Needs
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Irish Setter, a redheaded beauty is a handful
if you're not used to an energetic clown.

Bloat is a real consideration because they tend
to eat too fast and refuse to rest after eating.

Besides the usual bloat precautions, wash two or
three large rocks and put them into the food dish
along with the food. Eating around the rocks can
slow down any dog, even an Irish Setter.

Dog Food for the Irish Setter Here

Clams Homeopathic Remedy tablets, valerian, and
free feeding should be considered to quell some of
their excitement.

Exercise is a must, but no jumping before your setter
turns 2 years old.

Alfalfa added to the high quality diet he needs for
that beautiful red coat will ensure his antioxidant intake.

When he becomes too rambunctious, a natural calmer
such as valerian or honey will help.

Natural Healthy Treats for Irish Setter Dogs

Irish Setter Dog

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