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Peppy Pets
Jan. 29 / 03

Tippy & Alfred have gotten thousands upon thousands of
requests from our readers concerning the Premium food
they eat.

The main reason why people don't purchase a Premium food
for their dog or cat is because the price tag is higher than
most supermarket foods.

We just ran across the below report that proves, once and
for all that:

Premium foods actually cost LESS than the cheap foods do!

Tippy and Alfred and the girls all know they feel and look
a whole lot better after Dave got them off the Nutro and
Hills and on to the Life's Abundance food.

Enjoy your reading,
Tippy & Alfred


Spending your hard earned dollars on pet food

You work hard for your money and you also want to
provide your pet with the best food you possibly can
give them.

After all, we all realize that our pets are what they eat,
just as we are, so giving them a food with high quality
nutrients and not a bunch of fillers only makes sense.

We suggest you give this report we offer you on
what you're really spending your money on a serious

Discover more about Premium Food

Believe it or not, it actually costs LESS to feed a Premium dog food
than an Economy dog food. Find out the Facts!


Oh My Goodness
By: Tippy

When Dave started feeding us the Premium-Quality food we
are now Thriving on.....he about choked when he first saw
the price on the bag.

But for years Dave had bought a food based mostly on was always the cheap stuff for me.

And...sadly...I paid a price.

A Big price.

All that cheap supermarket food did was make me
sick....gave me a poor coat.....a whole lot of fleas.....

a body with no energy.....and the beginnings of arthritis.

I challenge you to try a bag of Premium-Quality food
for yourself and You see the Difference in your dog.
don't take my word for it.

Check Out the Link Below

Tippy's Recommended Dog Food


What Others Are Saying

"Life's Abundance Premium Health Food has increased the
vitality of all my dogs, added shine to their coats and
decreased the amount of shedding."
Pam Edwards, DVM


"My dog, Chichi, is now eating Life's Abundance food and
Loving It! My husband and I noticed a Dramatic Change!!
Not only is her coat soft and shiny, but her eyes are
brighter and she has more spunk than ever. I should have
put her on this dog food from the start. Thank you for
your wonderful products. I'm hooked!"
M.H., Texas


"We had a couple of month's backlog of the dog food,
as Falcor quit eating as much once he was finished growing.
So I cancelled the autoship for a while."

"When he finished the Life's Abundance food, Tom
decided to see how he would do on store-bought until
I had time to set up the autoship again."

"So, for a month Falcor ate grocery-store dog food."

"I figured it would prove the value of the food to Tom.
Boy was I right! Within two weeks, Falcor's coat got dull,
and he began having bouts of diarrhea. And he was
shedding madly."

"So...the coat problem could have been just from being
at a shedding point, right? Diarrhea could have been from the
new bones Tom gave him."

"But...after 3 weeks, we noticed that he was scratching all
the time, and had chewed the hair off under his front legs. His
shedding increased, and his breath began to stink."

"Needless to say, he's back on the Life's Abundance
Daily Nutritional System, and all the above problems are
beginning to go away. I hate to remember the beloved dog
I had years back who continually suffered from "flea allergy"
that no doubt was actually malnutrition. I had no idea."

Diana Ward,
Editor, Dogs, Cats, & More E-zine


My Siamese Cat Chewbacca
Cheryl Fisch

My daughter and I had 2 Siamese cat Chewbacca (like in star
wars) and Tia. We lived in a ranch style home where the
living room, dining area, kitchen were all in a kind of
round and thru way type of design. One day out of the blue
Tia came tearing from my bedroom, down the hall flying into
the living room straight up onto the back of the couch (which
was up against the bay window) and SMACK into the bay window
face first.

There was cat spittle EVERY WHERE she shook her self off giving
the window a dirty look like how dare you jump out in front
of me like that. Then turned around and flew off the couch.
Well when she hit the window she must have gotten her self
tangled in the drape pull strings because she had just made
it out to the middle of the living room going at a VERY fast
speed I might add. When her forward momentum was again
stopped suddenly, this time by the drape pull string. Her
feet flew out from under her, as she landed (NONE too lady
like) on her posterior end.

She again gave the world a look like (ok that wasn't very
funny) then shook the cord off and proceeded to run HEAD
first straight into my grandfathers spittoon that I had up
against the far wall. Getting her head stuck in it in the
process. She just laid there for a little while (it really
must have rung her bell) then got up slowly, shook the
spittoon off her head.

She just sat there for a bit looking around like "ok this
JUST is not my day, and YES I did mean to do that" and
slowly walked out of the room and down the hall. Going into
the bedroom, jumped up onto the bed, did her 3 circle thing
to lay down and proceeded to totally ignore the world.

Oh man we were laughing so hard, I thought we all would die.
It's been tons of years since then yet we can all remember
it like it was just yesterday. And we still chuckle when we
think of it, seeing it in our minds eye without even having
to close our eyes to picture it.

What a delightful website! I drifted to a time in all our
lives that was simpler, more wholesome and warm as I read
every word! I have a Yorkie (Hobie) that weighs less than 5
lbs. that I've had going on 10 years now. I love animals
and adored hearing about the horses, goats, kitties, and
dogs. I very much enjoyed the featured dog story. Keep 'em
coming!! Great writing skills!, it certainly entertained

Thank you.
Brenda C. Ashe

We will never find another, should we look forever
Thank You Shadoe

I have a very special dog friend. His name is Shadoe. He
is now 18 years old. Shadoe has been my pal ever since I
got him 14 years ago. He has ears like the space alien,
Alf, on TV. I was going to name him Alf, however, after I
brought him home, much to my husband's not liking me to do,
he followed me all over the house and wherever I would go.
My husband said, "why don't you call him Shadoe". So that
is how he got his name.

Shadoe has been the best buddy and friend I ever had. He
has brought me through more illnesses, as my nursemaid,
watching over me very closely. When I have been down ill,
he has sat right at my side, nursing me through. Shadoe,
even though a male, mothers our two cats constantly. He
sleeps between my husband and I every night, in our bed. We
never get a complete night's sleep, because Shadoe wakes us
up at least twice in the night. Yes, so he can go outside.

Well, we are very sad right now, because we have to make a
decision. Shadoe is almost totally blind. He is deaf and
is very lame. We don't know just how much longer we will
have Shadoe with us and in our family, but, we will continue
to treat him like a member of our family, until he is no
longer with us. Shadoe is the best dog we have ever had.
We will never find another like him, should we look forever.



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