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Make an Extra

Income Helping Pets

Peppy Pets
June 18, 03

We're Looking For:

A few very special folks who would really like to make
an extra income from home and do it helping us help
pets live healthier lives.

We are on a mission to help as many pets as possible and
to help as many people as possible attain their dreams
for their future.

If you think you might qualify, and think you might be
that one special person who is willing to learn how to
build a business, then click on our site and fill in the form
at the bottom of that page.

Dave will be in touch with you this week.


Do You Have a Particular Problem With A Pet?

If so, or you are just seeking more information on a
certain pet related topic, we have over 2000 pages of
pet care tips, containing informational articles on pet
health, training, breeding, nutrition, and a whole lot more.

If you have any pet related topic you want to research
or find out about, go to our site and see what we have for you.

We also have a search engine that will do a search for
any topic on our site if you don't find what you're looking for.

And it's entirely free for you to use or recommend to your

Here's the link:

Click on the Site Map link to see everything we have for you.

Or go to the Site Map directly by clicking here:

We hope you will bookmark that page and use it as
often as you like. It is a service we have provided our
readers as a way of saying Thank You for being some
of the best pet owners there are.


Our Abandoned Queensland Heeler, Lil' Lu Lu
now has a Great Home

Our pet story is about only one of our many family members
(our pets). All dogs or cats.

We rescued a small Queensland Heeler (Aussie) from the
animal shelter about 5 yrs ago. She'd been abandoned and
lived on her own for a long, long time. I knew a lady that
worked at our Animal Control Dept and she knew I was looking
for an Aussie, Queensland Heeler female.

To make a long and sad/happy story shorter, I went to the
Animal Control (Pound) and took a digital camera to take
photos to show my husband. We decided to adopt her even
though we'd recently bought a larger Aussie Female from a
local person.

We named our rescue gal (actually my husband did) Lil' Lu Lu
after the comic strip, and she's been an absolute jewel ever
since. Someone had half starved her, broke her ear and left
her alone to defend for herself. (What a terrible thing to
happen to any animal or human) And she's been a valued part
of our 3 dog, 2 cat family ever since.

My husband and I have had many precious family fur members
in over 44 years of marriage and over 41 years of having a
1/2 acre yard for our furry family members. Our very first
family member was rescued from the SPCA her in our home town
back in 1967, before our daughter was born. And we had our
Spoodle named Rags, then when our daughter was 3 we had a
3 month old Spoodle named Bingo till our daughter was 17
yrs old.

Many more have followed them all but we've had a richer life
with all of them, Canine & Felines both. Cannot picture life
without them.

May Animals be the best of anyone's lives.
Ron & Carol Johnson
Hanford, California

Never exercise a dog in the heat of the day and keep
his weight under control. It also a good idea to give your dog
his water dish to enable him to drink before a walk.

If you suspect your dog may be overweight, click here
to see an easy to follow online chart that will show you exactly
what to look for:

Is My Dog Fat?


Marybeth Jones

I'm Mikey the cat. I am eight years old. I weighed a pound
when they found me wandering around the neighborhood looked
for food. I was 3 months old then. I weight 12 pounds now.
My favorite pastimes are meowing at all hours of the night
to be let in or out, and catching large rats, which I then
try to bring into the house. Mom usually takes them away
(%#@!#) and throws them back outside while I fruitlessly
sniff around trying to pick up their trail. After a while I
give up and just swat the ankles of the nearest person. Dad
of course is exempt from this because he would pick me up
and drop-kick me across the room if I did, so I just spend
about 1/3 of my time sucking up to him.

Most of the rest of my time is reserved for either sleeping
or begging for canned cat food. Mother insists that I
describe myself, so here goes: I am an orange and white long
haired tabby cat that resembles a Maine Coon. I have half a
tail, and this is a sore spot with me since most people want
to feel the end of my tail. I act like Dad, which is the
main reason I have stayed so long. I also keep Mom happy and
like to jump onto her lap in the middle of her Sunday
newspaper (no I am NOT a suck-up, regardless of the fact
that they all say I am). The thing most often said about me:
I am either really brave, or really stupid. I'm off now to
go sleep in mom's lap. G'day!

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