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A review of the

symptoms of Allergies

and your Pet

Peppy Pets
March 11, 04

Allergies and Pets

Question:  Why does my pet develop allergies?

A dog's healthy immune system is designed
to recognize and eliminate any foreign protein or
other substances from the pet's body. When the
immune system over reacts, that reaction is termed
an allergy or sensitivity.

Symptoms of allergies in dogs and cats can include
such things as scratching, biting the skin, hives
and welts, losing hair, and various respiratory
and digestive problems.

However, it's always best to let your veterinarian
do the diagnosing because there may be other factors

The food ingredients that most commonly are
perpetrators of an allergy include: milk, cheese, chicken,
soy, and beef.

Check the label on your pet food to see if something that
may be in the food causing your pet's problems.

If you would like to try something different for your pet's
dinner, then we suggest your taking a look here:

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Sandy Franklin

I lost my 20 year old cat to kidney failure, and was
distraught for weeks. It felt it impossible for me to find
another cat I could love, and so prayed to God to help me
find another. After much searching, I found the cutest, most
adorable and sweetest brown classic tabby kitten at a pet
store. I knew immediately that her name was Sweetie.

She slept right next to my body every night and licked my
lips every morning while placing one paw on my cheek. She
purred and purred. I loved her so very much! Thank you God
for helping me to find this very special kitty!

When she was 4 1/2 years old she got sick and was diagnosed
with terminal lymphosarcoma. She was very jaundiced, had
tumors on her liver and spleen, and I cried for hours, til I
pulled up my boots and decided to fight! The vet had put her
on Vincristine, a type of chemotherapy. It worked somewhat,
but not all the way. I knew if I didn't do something my 'God
kitty' would die.

So I called research vets across the country and learned
from Cornell that they've found Adriamiacin to be more
effective than Vincristine, but the chances of the disease
resurfacing was high. I found a vet to administer
Adriamiacin immediately and my Sweetie is still with me
after 7 years and still licking my lips every morning.

God didn't help me to find her for nothing!

Ebony is a Netherlands Dwarf rabbit. She is Black
with beautiful eyes. Ebony was originally snake
food, but the snake was not hungry at the time.
Because she was supposed to be snake food,
she never received affection.

My daughter and I saved her and brought her home.
We got a big tall ferret cage with a lot of shelves.
Ebony jumps up and down on the shelves and is
spoiled with affection and good food.

We researched information about house rabbits.
We got her spayed and she is litter box trained.
We let her out of her cage to play and get exercise.

When she is out of her cage, she runs and jumps
and does a funny bunny dance. Sometimes we put
a harness on her and we take her outside.
Ebony is one of the best pets we have had.

Dee Anne McGuire,
Salt Lake City, Utah

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