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The Kitty Cat Tales

told by Munchkin, Cosmos,

Natasha & Liebchen

Peppy Pets
March 09, 03

Heartwarming and Amazing Stories sent by our reader's Cat's

The Story of Munchkin an Exceptional Orange Tabby Cat

This is a story about an orange tabby cat named Munchkin.
She was abandoned by her owner and left to forage for her
self. One day we noticed her bumping into the fence, our
vet said that she was about 95% blind. She most likely,
stepped in antifreeze and then licked her paws causing
kidney problems leading to blindness in both eyes. We
welcomed her into our existing cat family. She has learned
when she starts to bump into any of the other cats, they
make a noise (not really a growl) to let her know they are
there and then she goes around them. No fights or hisses,

Munchkin is an exceptional pet. She comes when called,
follows me around the house, listens for the sound of my
voice and sits beside me (or on me) most evenings. She will
climb up into my lap and put her face so close to mine that
her nose touches mine, purring all the while. In our home we
have several cat-condos that are three and four feet tall.
Because she still has her claws, she has no problem climbing
up and down all of them. One has a center post made of a
4 X 4 post and she will climb up to the top of that post and
sit there looking out over her domain as if she can

When we travel in our motor home, all our cats go with us.
Munchkin has learned to climb up onto the overhead bed.
Also how to get down via the same route. She goes to the
edge of the bed (I make sure the quilt hangs over the edge),
turns around and hangs on with her front feet and swings her
rear around and dangles until her back feet touch the top of
the passenger seat. Then she lets go of the bed and stands
on the seat, feels her way down to the other chair and down
to the floor proceeding on to what ever she is looking
for...water, food, kitty toilet or me.

This story is being written in hopes that it will encourage
other people, whose pets become disabled or handicapped in
some way, not be afraid to take on a handicapped pet. They
give back so much love that any adjustments that you have to
make to accommodate them, is certainly worth everything that
you have to do. Munchkin is now nine years old and doing
just fine.

Freda Schroeppel

Here's a Pic of Precious Cat

Cosmos tames the cranky old Miss Kitty

Thanks! It's easy being a loving and caring pet owner.
They just give us SO much joy in the living of our lives
with them that it's a pleasure and an honor to be with them
and have the privilege of taking care of them.

Today, I want to tell you about a great black and white
tuxedo male cat named, "Cosmos." We had the privilege of
knowing him for thirteen years and he was 8 year's old when
we got him from some people who didn't want him anymore as
he tried to play with their old cat and it made that old
timer cranky. Cosmos was the first cat that ever walked up
to our year old, barely walking baby and let the baby pet
him and said "hi"! My baby son was deliriously happy as no
cat had ever let him pet them before. We had a cranky old
cat at home too whom Cosmos immediately befriended when we
dashed him home before those previous owners could
reconsider! He is SO special -- we were sure they would.
Imagine our joy when they didn't!

Our old cranky cat "Miss Kitty" was furious forever but
Cosmos didn't mind. In the end before her passing, the two
of them slept together but not without her continued hissing
and objections. I thought when she passed away, he would
certainly be happy as she treated him like a dog.

Instead, he went to a spot in the living room and would not
leave. He went to die. We rushed him to the vets and ran
many tests. Finally, I suggested that he be tested for
kitty aids and sure enough, he had it and a white blood cell
count of "3"! The brilliant vet stayed with him night and
day as they fought like cats and dogs with each other for
his life.

She came up with an equine injection cut back for cats and
this was like magic. We got our Cosmos back in a week's
time, darn near from the grave! We started with shots once
per day, then in a month -- every other day; then, twice a
week and so on! It may have cost a fortune but was worth
every penny to keep this black and white character with gold
eyes staying 19 year's young playing with us!

He's still alive with a new harem of girls and ruling the
roost and more happy and playful than ever! We have ordered
the cat and dog food to see if this doesn't help extend our
time with them -- we believe it will!

Thank God for the dedication of wonderful vets to save and
our animals with a dedication to the love of a good home and
family! How blessed we are on this earth to have them with

Jane and Blondie, Cosmos, Shadow, YoYo and Mystic

Fleabags using the potty

I have a cat tale. Liebchen, wo bis du?

My cat is named Liebchen (little love in German) and she has
been with me for 13 years. So she grew up in the years when
I suffered from a debilitating depression. Liebchen sat on
the bed next to me and licked my tears away when I cried.
She could sense when things were about to get bad and would
always appear at my side. Now she and I are living alone
and she takes even better care of me. The depression has
lifted due to lots of therapy and medications. Last year I
had breast cancer and when I came home from the hospital,
she never left my side. Now when I go to work every day she
sticks out her face and gives me a kiss goodbye. She also
does this when I wake up in the morning.

Lately, I was away overnight and when I came home, I thought
she was glued to my leg!!

The first thing I do in the morning, while I have breakfast
and coffee, is read my email. She can tell when I turn the
computer on and sits in my lap as I read. She even seems to
be watching for something interesting to come up!

When I can't find her before I go to work ( and I never
leave without saying goodbye and telling her when I will be
home), I call out "Liebchen, wo bis du?" (liebchen! Where
are you?) in a soft voice and she comes to me from where
ever she is. She is my "boon companion" and a beautiful
Calico. I can't imagine life without her.


THANK YOU for your site. I just recently had to put
Natasha, my 11 yr old calico cat (inside cat her entire
life) to sleep while I held her in my arms with tears
pouring from my eyes and heart.

I am an only child with no family, except Natasha. She was
my child and heartbeat thru my severe migraines, my mothers
death, my divorce, and my fathers death. I had to put her to
sleep after 5 hard suffering weeks of being sick on July
25,2002 and it has literally killed me.

I still have her medicine in the refrigerator. Her water
dish hasn't been moved. I finally drug myself to clean and
sterilize her litter box. I still feel like when I come
home from work, she will be there to "meeoow" and welcome me
home. How can I cope. She was literally my baby. When I
first got her from the SPCA, she was about 4" long, not even
weaned yet. I feed her with a dropper, etc.... Last but not
least, I truly appreciate the heartfelt stories I read in
your column. They touch me greatly. And like so many
others, I agree animals are as human, understanding and
sensitive to pain, etc.. as some humans are.

For ones who do not have children, like myself --- Natasha
was my baby girl even at 11 years old. Thank you for letting
me share.
Penny Friday

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