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A Cute Animal Poem

about a little

Bunny named Jerry

Peppy Pets
May 22, 03

Our Funny Bunny is now in Heaven

We had a special little friend,
Who left us the other day.
We saw that he was leaving us,
And all we could do was pray.

“Dear Lord, please tell your Angels
To keep him safe and warm,
Please give him comfort, peace and joy,
And keep him safe from harm.

For you know, Dear Lord, he liked to dance
Around our feet every day,
We had to watch our step to not
Hurt him in any way.

Please tell the Angels to watch their step…
In Heaven now, he lives.
Our gift to the Angels is
The joy a bunny gives.

He likes a special treat sometimes,
A carrot, or a chip,
A honey bun will do nicely,
Please let him enjoy his trip.

He really likes being petted.
He enjoyed having lots of love.
I know he’s grinning down at us,
his viewpoint up above.

He’s not an ‘old’ bunny any more,
He’ll hop and run and dance.
He’ll win the hearts of Angels
If they’ll give him half a chance.

He’s come to you as a special gift,
In thanks for all the joy,
You let us have for seven years
With this little bunny boy.”

Dedicated to the memory of a sweet, spoiled rotten rabbit,
“Jerry.”  We had him from March 11, 1996 to April 22, 2003.

(poem written by Becky Day, Austin, TX)

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Princess, Snowflake and Baby

Hello my name is Yvonne I have 3 beautiful cats Princess who
is almost 12 then Snowflake who is who will be 5 this this
Saturday, then Baby who is 2.

My cats have gone through a lot specially my cat Princess.
You see last year in May my apartment was broken into. They
put a rope around my cats neck she nearly died. She was in
the hospital for 2 -3 weeks. The other cats really missed
her so much.

I prayed every day that the good Lord would keep her alive
and thanks so much he did. Then I found my cat Baby 2 years
ago he was so small. It was poring rain and I went and
knocked on every door but can you believe nobody said they
did knew were it came from. I just hate people how they can
be so cruel to animals.

Baby was just a new baby kitten when I found him he sat
right in my hand that is how small he saw he was only just
born but now he is a big happy healthy cat. How I still
call Baby Princess likes to be the mother. Then Snowflake
one day I was taking out my garbage and did not noticed that
Snowflake had got out. My other cats were crying. They were
looking every where for her so they decided to go outside to
find her.

Guess what? There is was the cats were happy and mad and I
very happy that I found her.
by Yvonne

Kids in Cats fur
DAX, Muffin A. and Shadow

I have three kids (cats), two girls and a big beautiful hunk
of of a boy. There the baby girl Muffin A.(5), who is are
littlest, smartest loving being that ever wore fur. Muffin
is our warrior princess. She likes to bring home her catches
which can range from moths, snakes, shrews, moles and birds,
preferably alive so she can play with them in the comfort of
her own home. This is often to the dismay of my finance and
I as we try to rescue any living creatures she brings in.

Next is DAX (5), my hunk, my baby boy. DAX is not the
smartest (he rides the short bus:) but he is the silkiest,
softest & gentlest soul in a fur body. He is also a wiz at
fetch but he fetches twistie ties or pieces of string. He
also like the plastic rings that comes of the two gallon
milk jugs. We call these DAX's thingies. He is so good that
when he is done playing with his twistie tie or whatever, he
puts them away in his food dish, which I guess is where he
thinks that his toys go, in the dry food dish.

Finally, there is Shadow. She is our old lady and only short
haired girl. She is definitely a Daddy's girl. Sometimes, I
am just amazed how loving she is with my finance. They have
a strong bond. Not only is she the oldest, she is the
fattest too! Which I tease her about and she never thinks I
am funny when I mention it. It took our veterinarian telling
my finance flat out that she was over-weight (fat) and that
could be bad for a kid at her advanced age (9), before he
would admit she even had a weight problem. Talk about

So, those are our kids. Thank you for the nice email you
sent, welcoming us to your subscriber list. I felt since you
took the time to tell about your kids, I would return the

Beth Shaull

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