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Giving your Dog the Proper Correction

Correcting your dog is an essential part of the training
process and is necessary to help the dog begin to understand
what you expect of it. However, there is a right way and a
wrong way to correct your dog and using the right methods
are not only more humane but will be far more effective in
the long run.

Here are some useful techniques for proper dog correction:

Positive Reinforcement - Your dog aims to please. He really
does love to make you happy and training is all about
teaching him what makes you happy, (such as not using your
house as a bathroom, jumping on your guests or eating your
shoes while you are at work).

The fact that your dog likes to please is the reason that
positive reinforcement works so well. Giving a dog some
short praise or a dog treats when it does a correct behavior is
the easiest way to teach it the behaviors you expect.

Distraction - This is a quick way to stop your dog's
negative behavior. Dogs, like children, will willingly move
on from an undesirable activity when you replace it with
something interesting.

For example, if your dog has a bad habit of digging holes in
your yard, when you catch it digging give it a verbal
command such as "Stop! Come!" so it knows that you don't
like the behavior, and then do something else to entertain
it such as throwing a Frisbee or going for a walk.

Dog Collars and Leashes - When you are out and about with your
dog the best tool you have to correct its behavior are the
leash and collar. If you have done proper leash training
with your pooch you should already have a set of verbal
commands at your disposal.

You can use these techniques by themselves or in
combination. They are great resources for teaching your dog
the behaviors you expect from him or her and when it has a
clear idea of what you want it will be more than happy to
accommodate you.

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