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Squirrels away from

Backyard Bird Feeders


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Squirrels are part of the natural habitat of many backyard feeding
stations, however in most cases they are un-wanted visitors.

Even so, squirrels are fun to watch for many people, the big problem
is not that folks don't want to squirrels around, it's because the
squirrels eat the bird's food and drive them away.

Much of this information can also be applied to other un-welcome
visitors such as cats, possums, raccoons, etc.

One of the best alternatives is to enjoy the squirrels and birds both.
What this will require is a separate squirrel feeder placed far away
from the bird feeders, but close enough so the squirrels will find it.

Squirrels like field corn on the cob or cracked corn peanuts,
peanut butter and other nuts.

What not to do

Do not put oil or other slippery substances on feeder poles
to discourage squirrels, these substances can get on the
birds and even hinder their ability to fly or cause other
health problems.

Do not shoot squirrels. If you are desperate enough to get rid of them,
then trap the squirrels and take them to a far away place. Use a
spring door trap that won't harm them. You can find these traps
at any good farming supply or trapping supply shop.

What to do

Do use bird feeders that are specially designed to keep
squirrels out.

Hang bird feeders on lines between trees and place baffles
along the lines (such as coffee cans or plastic milk jugs),
with the bird feeder in the middle. Many a squirrel has
provided a bird watcher an enjoyable afternoon trying to
figure out how to get past these baffles.

For bird feeders on posts, install a baffle above and below
the feeder. An old 33 rpm record does a great job as a baffle.

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