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Nile and Saltwater

Stuffed Plush Crocodiles

Totally out of this world is the concept that
anyone could love a stuffed crocodile, but after you
see these Magnificent Stuffed Plush Crocodiles, we
think you'll have to agree, they are just what the
doctor ordered for some real Fun and Entertainment!

A Thrilling addition to any stuffed toy animal collection!

An unbelievable gift item for the reptile lover
and for kids who like to be amused.

Once you see how delightful these
stuffed crocodile toy animals really are, you might
just come back and order a couple more of them.

Many more stuffed reptiles & animals
all at the Stuffed Ark banner above!

What is the largest reptile alive today?

(See answer below)

Nile crocodiles are big, but not the biggest. The Nile
crocodile can grow up to 18 feet long, however they
rarely do because they are hunted.

Some crocodiles have reached lengths of 23 feet, but
these are very rare and to reach that length would need
to live for up to 80 years which is very difficult for
a crocodile to do with today's environment.

Just like the alligator (see our stuffed alligator page
to find out more about them), the crocodile uses very
powerful jaws to capture and crush their prey. They
have about 80 teeth

It is believed that crocodiles very rarely sleep but
go into a kind of sleep state where they are not actually
sleeping but are aware of their environment.

Crocodiles have a good memory and even have an ability
to be trained to learn things which most scientists did
not think to be possible with reptiles. And you can also
find out more cool stuff about reptiles on our
reptile page.

On land they can run up to 11 miles an hour, which is
called galloping, and in the water they can swim as fast
as 20 miles an hour. They are good jumpers and can leap
up out of the water to capture their dinner.

Crocodiles must live in warm climates because they cannot
survive for very long in temperatures below 44 degrees.
They like hot temps around the lower 90's.

The saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile alive
on the planet today. It can reach a length of up to 16 feet
and weigh up to 1,500 pounds! Saltwater crocodiles have
been known to live up to 36 years.

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