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Swans are Elegant

and Graceful with

long necks.


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Swans have about 25,000 feathers, more than most any other bird

Swans are beautiful, white, long necked birds of lake and
river shores. Swans are larger than geese and are
recognizable by their long, arched necks.

They dip head and neck into the water to feed on bottom vegetation,
also browsing on shore grasses.

Swans may live up to 35 years, and they mate for life. The young,
called cygnets, are pale gray in color and have lead-colored bills.

The largest swan is the trumpeter swan which breeds from Alaska to the Rocky Mountain states.

Swans are a part of the Duck family. A group of swans is called a bevy.
They fly in a V formation or line.

Picture Swan

Types of Swan include:

Mute Swan (orange rather than yellow based bill)
Trumpeter Swan
Tundra Swan
Whooper Swan

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