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Some Good Advice

on Transporting

Pet Pigs

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If you are going to safely transport your pet pig now or in the
future, you and the pig must practice before it actually occurs.
Pigs do not like to be forced into doing anything new, and
training them to safely and correctly get into your vehicle
quickly might mean life or death for them at some point.

"Dog Ramps"

You can purchase what are called "dog ramps" that attach to the
back of a SUV or truck so that you pig can simple walk up and get
into the back of the vehicle. These ramps are usually adjustable
in length, telescoping so that you can make them as steep as you
want and use them on any terrain. We highly recommend that you
acquire at least one such ramp.

These ramps are easy to use and are strong and durable enough to
stand up to your pig and its weight, and no tools are required to
assemble or use them. The average "dog ramp" can withstand weight
up to three hundred pounds and has a no-slip carpeted surface
with side rails for safety. They have a stabilizer lip that rests
on the back of the vehicle securely, and usually weigh about
twenty pounds.

If the Pig Can't or Won't Use the Ramp

If you have to make an emergency run to the veterinarian and your
pig is too ill or weak to climb the ramp then you should get
several people to help you with some good sturdy blankets layered
one on top of the other. Put the blankets down on the floor or
ground and maneuver the pig onto them, laying the pig down on its
side. Then you and your friends will have to lift "fireman style"
using the corners and edges of the blanket to move the pig from
the ground to your vehicle. Pigs, if they are really sick, won't
fight this much and it will protect the pig from excess pain or
further injury. One warning though, pigs are heavy so if you have
a bad back then don't attempt this. The pig might move in an
unexpected way and hurt you badly, and it can hurt the pig even
more if you drop them.

Just Jump

Pigs of the smaller varieties can jump if they are not too hefty.
So if all you have is a car you can open the back door and
encourage the pig with a treat to get into the back seat.

Where shall the Pig Sit?

Check the surface that you are providing for your pig to sit on
in your vehicle. Do not use anything that your pig can slip on or
that might slip out from underneath it. Driving with your pig on
a slippery surface is a good way to break a pig's leg or even
kill it. Preparation is the key. Always keep your pig's safety in
mind and don't do anything that can potentially hurt it.

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Tippy & Alfred want to offer some more advice on moving pigs. If they
are healthy and won't budge, put a basket over their head and they you'll
be able to back them up anywhere you want, just stand in front of the
basket and start walking keeping the basket on the pig's head, works everytime.