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nature's scavengers

looking for carrion.


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Flying high over the countryside Vultures hunt for their prey

All Vultures are large birds with an un feathered head and heavy,
sharp hooked bill with curved sharp talons.

They feed almost entirely on carrion, occasionally attacking newborn
or wounded live animals. Most are scavengers. Vultures hunt by
sight, soaring, circling and watching for other vultures
descending to feed.

Male and female are similar with the female usually larger.

Vultures build their nests on the ground, rock ledges or hollow logs in
secluded areas. Their eggs are typically a dull white or buff color with
irregular brown spots.

The American vultures differ from the Eurasian group in that they
have long, perforated nostrils and are mute. The familiar turkey
vulture ranges from Canada to South America.

The largest North American vulture is the California condor.

Vultures belong to the order Falconiformes.
The American vultures make up the family Cathartidae.
The Eurasian and African vultures belong to the family Accipitridae

Turkey and Black Vultures are protected in some states

Buzzard is the common name applied to some hawks, but also to the North
American vultures.

Picture Turkey Vulture

Black Vulture
California Condor
Turkey Vulture

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