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American Shorthair Cat

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The all American Shorthair
By: Alfred and TC Kitty (pictured in all his glory above)

In the United States the American Shorthair cat breed was
the eighth most popular in 2006-2007, according to the Cat
Fancier's Association. The ancestors of the American
Shorthair breed were believed to have been brought over on
cargo ships by the British settlers.

These cats were ratters and mousers for the ships and
protected the humans from infestation and disease. This is
why a cat on a boat is still considered good luck in western
folklore. Some of the cats left the ships in port and
settled with the humans in the New World. They bred and
eventually became the American Shorthair that we know and
love today.

In the early Twentieth Century an American Shorthair
breeding program was established in order to develop certain
qualities in the breed. The purebred American Shorthair is
large, lean and more powerfully built than its relative the
British Shorthair. There are strict standards set in place
for appearance by the CFA worldwide. This cat breed was
originally called the Domestic Shorthair and was renamed in
1966 to the American Shorthair in order to differentiate it
from other shorthair breeds and to better represent its "All
American" origins.

The breed name reinforces the fact that this cat is distinct
from the non-pedigreed shorthaired cats in the United
States. The ubiquitous shorthaired cat commonly called the
Domestic Shorthair in the United States may look like the
American Shorthair, just like a non-pedigreed cat may look
similar to the Maine Coon, Persian or Siamese, but the
difference is that the American Shorthair has been carefully
bred to breed true to type and is a pedigreed cat that is
recognized by the CFA.

American Shorthairs are considered to be a low maintenance
breed. In general they are affectionate, easy-going and
healthy. They are social with strangers and love their
owners. When fully grown the American Shorthair male can
weigh between eleven and fifteen pounds and the female can
weigh between eight to twelve pounds. They reach their full
growth between three to four years of age. American
Shorthairs have been known to live as long as twenty years,
with an average of around fifteen years. This breed, like
all cats, requires annual vaccinations, quality diet,
veterinarian checkups and a lot of love and care.

The American Shorthair has a slender body and a long tail.
It comes in a variety of different coat colors and patterns,
eighty different colors and patterns are recognized for the
breed. They are most well known for the silver tabby, which
has large black markings offset against a silver gray

Like other breeds there are some genetically inherited
health problems that may show up in the American Shorthair.
Heart Disease or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) has been
confirmed as an autosomal dominant hereditary trait. Early
diagnosis and treatment with medication can prolong the life
of the affected cat, but there is no cure for HCM and
afflicted cats should not be bred.

Nutrition for the American Shorthair Cat
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

The classic touch, American Shorthair, sturdy alley cat is
big in size and has an appetite to match.

Optimally, these cats should be rounded and robust, firm
and not flabby. Unfortunately, obesity is all too common
in the breed.

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To prevent your American Shorthair from becoming a flabby
tabby, once a month gently pinch his sides. You should always
be able to feel the cat's ribs without difficulty.

If you can't, a calorie cutback is in order. Avoid feeding this
lusty feline any foods with a high cereal content, don't leave
meals down all day and skip the bedtime snacks.

Exercise is the key to fitness. Provide 5 to 10 minutes of
exercise three times a day if you can.

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