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April 14, 03

Thank you.. from an abused dog rescued from the Humane Society

I love you so much Mommy. Thank you for rescuing
me from the pet Humane Society and it was
terrible before that at the breeders. They
were using me for making money. (5) years I have
been so abused. No one to love and play with
me... (they would take away all of my babies).

But the love that you give me is beautiful and
the care that you give to my coat. It is not all
matted now and we enjoy brushing, and
Loving, cause I know you are so gentle, and would
never, never, hurt me, and I you.... I do bolt out
the door every chance I get and I know you get
angry and do not want me to get hurt...

If you want to see me visit
http;// click on Pet corner and
scroll down until you see me looking lovingly at
my Mommy.... I love KABL Music... Hugs and kisses
Shelly.... (she might not still be there) they
change on wed., she has been there almost 6 months.

Bless you, thank you for the pet letter (we enjoy them).
Shelly...(and we share them with KABL)


I have a Golden Retriever named Radar and a Labrador
named Buster. We got Radar from a friend of my
husband's. Radar had never been in the house, was terribly
matted, didn't like being brushed, didn't like walking on a
leash, etc. Radar's Pawpaw, my dad, taught him how to go up
and down the steps. We adopted Buster from a local animal
shelter. He too was filthy and only somewhat housebroken.

We have given these guys nothing but love, security,
confidence and self-esteem. Both now love to play with us
and each other, both love going for walks, being bathed and
groomed. I think, no, I know, they would both say Thanks,
Mom for loving us unconditionally. 

Judi Lovering

Teenie is my 5 lb. Chihuahua. She sleeps with me and
every morning I see her big beautiful eyes looking at
me. She seems to be saying, "Wake up momma. How
about breakfast?" I actually think she stares me awake
but who could resist her beautiful face!


My Pit Bull, Brutus, now 10 years old has a lot to be
thankful for. His first two years, he was abused by 2
families, turned into the streets to fend for himself, plus
being beaten daily, just because they wanted to. I think if
Brutus could talk, he would say THANK YOU over and over
again for finally giving him a warm loving home and someone
to give him unconditional love and become his best friend. I
guess he would say..."the third time is really a charm"!

Bette O'Brien
Loving Owner

When I tell my baby Blackstar "I Love You" he closes his
eyes as if to say "Oh Mom", and then he starts to purr as
he's making bread. I bless the day I got him, and love him
so much. Sometimes we even go for a ride in the car. Some
people have to look twice when stand to look out the

Linda Steelman


Yes, with capital YES!!!

I tell my Goldie Lou I love her every day. She is a
miniature Golden Retriever. My husband and I found her
wandering the streets 7 years ago and she has been our
baby ever since.

She is one of the best dogs I have ever had and one of
the smartest. She is also one of the most spoiled you
will find. But she's worth it. 

Patty Rittenhouse


I tell my pets that I love them......Each and everyday...I
have a cat by the name of Squeezer who is going to be 18
years old and one that is 7 years old by the name of
Casey...They tell me that they love me too.. in so many
different ways........ My two dogs...... Moses who is a 4 year
old Komondor and Sparky Durite a German Shepherd & Old
English Sheepdog mix who I call my Old German Sheepdog...Ha
Ha..... is going to be 7 years old in November.

I tell them I love them every morning when we get up and all
thru the day. The love I get in return from all my pets is
like no other. I depend on them as much as they depend on
me....They say a dogs love is unconditional.....I say Our
Love to each other is unconditional......

Linda Miller and the Beastie Boys!!!


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