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A Really Cute Story

about Two Cats named

Chaos & Bob

Peppy Pets
April 25, 03

Chaos & Bob

I have two cats  one named (appropriately) Chaos and the
other one is Bob, and this is their delightful story.

I rescued Chaos when she was no bigger than the palm of
my hand at the bus station. Some kids had brought her on the
bus to give her to her new owner, but that person never showed
up. The bus driver wouldn't let them back on the bus with her -
how could I not take that adorable little tuxedo kitty!

From the beginning, she had an identity crisis. She was now
around two huge dogs, so naturally, she started to act like
one! She even has a little bark that is so cute! She uses it when
she is tracking spiders - one of her favorite past times.

Eventually, she and I moved out to our own apartment, and
she was so lonely without her dog friends. So, I went to the
Oregon Humane Society and rescued Bob - a huge 3 year old
long haired orange cat.

He was abandoned in an apartment with 7 other cats. He is
the most loving cat I have ever met. And he has been very
patient with 6 month old Chaos. I had him fixed right away
after he got over his kennel cough.

Now Chaos is experiencing going in heat for the first time and
she is driving poor Bob crazy! (not to mention me!) Every
time I get up in the morning and go sit on the couch, Bob runs
up and pounces on my stomach and touches my face with
his big paw as if to say "Thank you for rescuing me. I will
always be here for you."

Both cats have no doubt in their minds that they are thoroughly
loved by their ever-grateful
submitted by Ann Wilson

Yes, I tell my little sweetie I love her, and I do believe
she knows what it means. I kiss her on the forehead, on the
nose, and give her hugs all the time!

And if I ask her for a kiss, she knows just where kisses go,
I always get one right on the lips! She is an excellent
buddy, and I couldn't ask for a better one, cause she is the
BEST one for me! Her name is Spunky and she's a lab mixed
with, only God knows! But she looks pretty much like a lab.
She pretty much reads my mind and my actions, I usually
don't have to say many commands to her, she knows what I
want. Such a doll---I should have named her Angel, cause she
sure is one to me!



Yes, I tell my little bundle of happiness I Love Her
everyday. Without her, my life would be dull. I rescued
Jasmine from an animal shelter. She had been terrible
abused. She was so small and scared that she could fit in
the space under the bottom cupboard next to the floor. But
not anymore. She is now a happy girl. Jasmine is a mix
between a Papillon and Chihuahua (spelling bad) sorry. Just a
note, Her abuser is in jail.

I love your articles, keep up the good work. 
Rose and Jasmine Johnston


We have 2 dogs - Abby, a German Shepherd mix, and Ginger, a
retriever/spaniel mix. We love both dogs as if they were our
children, and tell them at least once a day that we love

Gail Torr


Yes - me and my son tell all of our pets as well as my Mom's
we love them every time we leave - our pets include - arat pet
(Tager), a hamster (Jumpy), two hermit crabs, a goldfish, a
cleaner, a black moor, a blue gourami, a fighter fish, two dwarf
frogs, an African clawed frog, a leopard gecko, a crocodile
gecko and two collared lizards - my mom's - a
German Shepherd dog, African gray parrot, two finches

We love them all as they are a part of our family
Imogene Smith

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