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Tippy gets a Bath:

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Dogs a Bath

Pets Newsletter
August 18, 03

Tippy Gets A Bath......

Last night Jan & I gave Tippy a bath.
We must confess, giving Tippy a bath is not an exactly pleasant
experience....for her or us. So we get a bit less than diligent in
keeping her bathed.

Anyway, much to her dislike Tippy made it through the
ordeal and as soon as we had her dried off and let her
loose, she took off running to the nearest dirt pile, slid
into it and rolled over.

Go figure.

We are concerned about so many of the over the counter
shampoos and some of the toxic chemicals in them, so we
tried a unique Herbal Shampoo this time.

Despite Tippy's antics in the dirt pile, this morning while
brushing her, I was totally pleased and amazed at how
silky smooth her coat was.

It was incredible, I couldn't stop running my hands through
her fur, it was that soft. I'm totally impressed with this new
shampoo, plus now, I'm not concerned about her skin getting
any toxic chemicals on it.

Next time you're looking for a quality and safe shampoo,
you might want to check this out.

Here's the Link


We have four pets that go with us on vacation. They are 3
miniature poodles and an Akita / Collie mix. We generally
leave the Great Pyrenees / Saint Bernard at home. We went on
vacation to Mobile, Alabama. While we were there, a semi
truck totaled out our truck and new travel trailer. I had to
leave my gang at the rv company while I went to see about my
husband. The male ( jr) got loose.

The company had to close all the gates. No one came in, no
one went out. It took 13 people 45 min. He finally saw the
others and went to them. They were in our old camper that we
had to trade in. This sounds a little strange, but I sensed
jr's father at the wreck site. It felt like he was hovering
over the pickup where my husband was. I silently told him to
go help his son make the right decision. That was about the
time they got him in the camper. He always went with us.
Thank god the guys and I had stayed at the dealer.

Many pets drown each year in backyard swimming pools. Be
especially watchful of young kittens and puppies around the pool.
Teach your dog how to get out of your pool by placing the dog in
the pool with you and gently guiding it to the steps. Do this over
and over until the dog can find its way out of the pool without
your help. Review this lesson every summer.

Not all dogs can swim well. If you take your dog to the lake or
out on a boat, consider getting it a doggie life vest. These vests
are available in sizes to fit all breeds and can save your dog’s life.


We have a beautiful Dachshund named Sasha. Where we go she
goes. She is spoiled rotten to the core. She has the best
life has to offer. We consider her a little human with fuzzy
britches on. We brush her teeth three times a day, and take
her to the vet. every two month's. She sleep's with us on
clean sheet's, and has chicken steak, and whatever we eat,
except chocolate. We love her dearly. I wish all people
loved animal's, it would be a better world to live in. I
enjoy your web. link so very much. 
Thank you.
Gloria Jean McQuien


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still enjoy the taste and with zero health problems....
(other than when Tippy was bitten by a raccoon....)
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