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Are Preservatives found

in Pet Food harmful

to my pet?


Peppy Pets Pet-zine
Aug. 20, 03

Pet Diseases & Preservatives......
Is There A Connection?

What do cancer, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, allergies,
hair loss, blindness and immunodeficiency have in common?
Preservatives used in dog or cat  food have been blamed for
implicated in causing every one of them.

The nutrient that is most susceptible to spoilage in
pet foods is fat. Fat spoilage (oxidation) decreases the nutritional
quality of the food, makes it less palatable to the pet, and
can even make it unsafe to eat.

Since most pet food contains high level of fat and fat-soluble
ingredients (including vitamins A and E), it is critical to prevent
oxidation to maintain quality, nutritional value and palatability,
thus the need for some kind of preservative.

Canned pet food is protected from oxidation by its airtight
storage, but dry food, even with modern packaging, must
include preservatives to maintain quality and safety. Dry pet
food needs preservatives, but which preservatives is the best?

Preservatives can be either artificial or natural. Both types
work by preventing fat and other ingredients in the food from
The most common artificial preservatives used by the pet food
industry are ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and
butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA).

Tocopherols (vitamin E) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are
the most common natural preservatives.

The preservative that has caused dog owners the most
concern is ethoxyquin. It is currently allowed in dog food at
levels up to 150 parts per million (ppm). Although ethoxyquin
has been used in animal feed for more than 30 years, in the
last nine years the FDA has received many consumer reports
about health problems occurring in dogs that were fed
ethoxyquin-containing foods.

BHA & BHT have been implicated as being a causative
factor in some liver and kidney diseases.

Although several studies have not shown any adverse effects
from using ethoxyquin in dog food at approved levels,
consumer concerns have triggered further investigation into
the safety of this preservative.

To read the rest of the ethoxyquin story go here:


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More on Flea Control

Tippy survived her bath on Sunday, although she has been
a bit hesitant in coming when called this week.:-)
Right now it's pretty hot outside and Tippy and Alfred are taking
their afternoon naps in the air conditioned house.

Alfred usually likes to nap outside on the porch swing, but
today has found a cozy spot on top of our printer/copier machine.

Last week we gave you some reports on Natural Flea
One of our valued readers, Nel Liquorman
wrote in with the following Web site on natural flea control.

Here's last week's links again:
Natural Flea Control

All About Fleas


No one wanted Dice, except me

Two years ago I heard about a male Dalmatian named Dice who
was scheduled for euthanesia for aggression & biting; I
contacted his "first family" & begged to be able to rescue
him. After signing waivers and paying "fees" I brought the
snarling angry canine home. Yes, he DID bite me for the
first few months; he had been neglected, ignored &
occasionally kicked & hit; no wonder he had little faith or
love for humans!

With patience, love, good food and training we "bonded" and
Dice is now my "best friend". In July we were traveling &
found ourselves in a terrible situation; a "bad guy"
attempted to mug/car-jack us, but Dice saved the day. He was
injured while protecting me from certain injury (or worse)
but has now recovered. Dice still has little use for most
humans, but he is by my side 24/7 and I am so grateful for
his devotion & companionship. Dices' Story was published in
the 9/02 issue of EN Magazine; you can read it on-line at: Thank you Dice; I will always
love & care for you!

from the magic jeanne

Matches & Hobbes

Dear Dave, I know that my kids have written to you before
but I had to tell you about my birthday. I am celebrating my
birthday one day early this year because the 23rd would be
the 2 month anniversary of my Grandmother's passing and I
won't feel like celebrating ANYTHING tomorrow.

From the time I woke up this morning, my boys (Matches and
Hobbes) have been at my feet, next to me as I sat
down...just basically Velcroed to me. After my fiancée gave
me my gifts (thank you Rick aka Daddy) the boys each brought
me, out of their toy box, their prized possession. Matches
(my 2 year old) brought me a miniature tennis ball on a piece
of elastic. He carried it over so proudly in his mouth and
laid it next to me on the couch. Of course I had to play!
After we played for about five minutes Hobbes (1 year old)
came over with his favorite in his mouth. I kissed Matches
on the head and thanked him again and again. He head butted
me softly and got down with a smile.

Hobbes had brought me a furry mouse (tiny ones-about one
inch) and we played for about five minutes too. Again I
thanked him and kissed him too. This was the best birthday
I have ever had. My boys have been little Princes all day.
Attached to me with invisible Velcro that they call love
(and so do I!).
Krista Lotz(Mommy)


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