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Aug. 27, 03

Pet Owner Beware: Watching for Heatstroke in Dogs

It's hot outside and a good pet parent will follow
our advice on protecting their dog from Heatstroke,
it's very important!

Dog's don't have the ability to sweat like we do, thus
they don't have the natural water on their bodies to
help cool them down. Panting does dissipate some heat,
but it's often not enough.

Please, Please, Please !!!! Never leave your dog in a
hot car!!!!

Keeping dogs off hard surfaces like metal or asphalt
or sand is important.

If you have air conditioning in the house, try to either
keep your dog indoors as much as possible or outside in
the shade, running in and out of an air conditioned house
is not good for the dog.

What causes heatstroke in dogs is simply because a dog
has an exposure to heat conditions which is too long.
Short exposures are okay. Keeping a dog out in excessive
heat and running or over exerting him will lead to
too much head and thus a heatstroke. Older dogs are
of course, more susceptible than younger ones. Dogs in
poor health to begin with are at greater risk than
a healthy dog.

If you think your dog may have heatstroke, here are some
warning signs which include: very heavy panting and rapid
breathing, a lot of drooling, the gums and tongue are
a bright red, having a hard time maintaining balance.

If you do see these signs, then first call your vet.
Don't wait! Heatstroke in dogs is very serious.

In the meantime you can put ice on the pads of your
dog's paws, or rubbing alcohol which will help pull
heat out of the body. Ice packs can be put around
the arm pits and groin area. Soak the dog with a
cool bath or hosing, or applying wet towels, don't use
very cold water, just cool will suffice.

Ice chips are okay to eat, do offer water to drink,
Pedialyte is best, but don't allow them to have an
excessive amount to drink all at once, you'll only
have more problems then.

Prevention is much easier than cure. Take whatever
precautions you need to prevent your dog from having
heatstroke to begin with.


Advice from Tippy on keeping dogs cool.

It's HOT out there!

I've been spending a good bit of my time inside where it's
air conditioned lately. Dave let's me out for a good run in
the cool of the morning and late evenings, but during most
of the day, I only take short trips outside and then right back in
where it's cool.

I feel so sorry for dogs who don't have good owners and
let them stay out in the sun all day without any shade or cool
water to drink....that makes me want to growl.

We're so glad you take such good care of your dog and
cats and make sure they aren't exposed any more than
necessary to the heat and burning sun.


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Doris Carson

I have an apricot Poodle. His mother was a toy, his father
was a teacup, so he is larger than a teacup, and smaller
than a toy. He will be 19 years old on the 25th of May 2003.
He is blind and deaf, but can speak volumes. When he wants
to go out, he scratches my leg. When he wants me to go to
bed, he runs down the hall and back to me, until I get the

If it is cold he crawls under the blanket and cuddles up to
me. When it is too warm, he pulls the blanket away, touches
me and then lies about one foot from me. When he gets
thirsty during the night, he licks my face. He knows his
routine thoroughly. as I said he speaks volumes.

He is always on the table when I return from being out,
waiting for me, even though he knows he is not allowed on
the table ( this is telling me when I go out, TAKE HIM). Now
who wouldn't love this doggie? I love him with all my heart.


The Shelties named Bonnie & Clyde

I have two shelties, Bonnie and Clyde. This story however is
about Clyde. Clyde is a strange little dog, he unlike other
shelties does not try to "herd" everything around him, he
just tries to lick it. Granted he does chase cars, but the
main reason he does that is Bonnie does it and Clyde acts
like those pestering little brothers that copy everything
that the older siblings do. Clyde, when you try to, try
being the key word here, play catch with him will go
directly to the ball, normal so far, and then he either just
looks around with a sort of "What was I doing" kind of
expression, or if the ball is large he will start licking

Clyde's favorite game is not fetch or chases the cat around
the yard, no it is "turn the bucket on its side and roll it
around the yard while licking it" now that takes a pretty
talented dog, let me tell you. No really if you can't tell
I love Clyde very much he may be a little duffy, but it
makes up for his sister, (I love Bonnie too though).

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