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Very Intelligent and

Talkative the Delightful

Balinese Cat

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The Beautiful, Charming Balinese Cat
By: Alfred and Pretty Baby Kitty Cat

The Balinese has Siamese-style markings or points with long
hair from the orient. It isn't near as fluffy as the
Himalayan, but the upshot is that it requires less grooming
than a Himalayan. Balinese are less talkative than their
Siamese ancestors and are extremely intelligent cats.

Originally the Balinese were registered as "longhaired
Siamese" and examples were seen from the early 1920's. The
occasional longhaired kitten was seen in Siamese litters and
were sold as common house pets rather than shown, since long
hair is not allowed in the Siamese show standard. This
changed when two breeders, a Mrs. Marion Dorsey from Rai-Mar
Cattery in California and Mrs. Helen Smith of MerryMews
Cattery in New York, during the mid 1950's decided to start
a breeding program for these longhaired Siamese.

It was Helen Smith that came up with the name "Balinese" in
order to describe their beauty and grace. She said that they
made her think of Balinese dancers. Later the breed became
popular and many breeders began working on perfecting the
Balinese appearance, which led to there being two different
strands of Balinese. The traditional Balinese has an apple-
shaped head, while the other strand has a more contemporary
appearance that show judges and so also breeders often

The traditional Balinese has a coat that is approximately
two inches long all over and is considered to be a robust
and sturdy cat with ears and muzzle that are semi-rounded.
They tend to closely resemble the Ragdoll cat breed though
they do not share the same genes, breeding or ancestry apart
from the Siamese.

The more popular strain of Balinese is virtually identical
to the standard show Siamese, apart from a silky plume of
hair all along its tail. The contemporary Balinese has a
long, slim body. The head is wedge-shaped and its eyes are a
vivid blue in color. The coat is shorter in comparison to
other longhaired cats and doesn't form a ruff around the
neck. Its coat is also very soft and ermine-like.

Of all the long-haired cat breeds the Balinese is rated the
highest in intelligence in the "Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds"
by J. Anne Helgren. It is considered to be one of the most
intelligent cat breeds, along with the Siamese. Balinese
often live to between eighteen and twenty-one years of age
and are greatly loved as personality-filled companions.

The Balinese personality is a great deal like its ancestor
the Siamese. They are playful, love attention and enjoy
human company. They tend to be gregarious and talk, but not
as much as the Siamese. Their voices tend to be softer than
the Siamese and usually they only speak up when they have
something important that they want to impart.

The full range of colors, including the four traditional
Siamese point colors of chocolate, blue, lilac and seal, are
accepted for the Balinese coat. However the CFA only allows
the four traditional Siamese points, all other colorations
and patterns are considered to be Javanese rather than

Picture Balinese Cat

What the Balinese Cat requires Nutrition Wise
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Longhaired and active, the Balinese are elegant
and inquisitive felines that require frequent brushing.

They're also high spirited (occasionally too 
high) and use their Be vitamins faster than you can
name them.

A simple remedy is to add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of
brewer's yeast or torula yeast to their meals.

To help prevent dull, cotton like coats (a frequent
problem), as well as dry, flaking skin, these cats
should receive a balanced, fatty acid supplement with
zinc once a day.

Hair ball treatment should definitely be given two
to three times weekly, between meals.

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