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Tote Bags

for folks who Love

Basset Hounds

Use This Bodacious Basset Hound Tote
to Carry All Your Stuff in Style!

Do you love Entertaining Bassets like we do? Then we know you'll
also love this sturdy canvas Tote Bag with corded handles
that can be thrown over a shoulder for easy carrying.

The Basset Hound Tote Bag, sporting an original image of a
classic Basset Hound on each side, puts a smile on the face
of everyone who sees it.

Carry your Basset Hound Tote Bag when you walk your Basset
and you'll have plenty of room for Basset treats, Basset
balls, Basset water bottle and bowl, and your own things

Purchase a few extras of these high quality but low cost
tote bags to keep training tools, extra toys, and your dog's
other supplies available in your car, to take with you when
you run into the store for more Basset snacks, and to carry
your lunch and all the other stuff you'll need for the day.

These Basset Hound Tote Bags show off this fun breed and dog
people who have bought them say they really enjoy the happy
comments they get from other people when they see those
beautiful Bassets. One reason people love Basset Hounds is
the smiles and fun they create, and the Basset Hound Tote
Bags lets you show off your funny friend and does a great
job of carrying anything you need at the same time.

On the sidewalk, at the park, or downtown, you'll be a
standout in the crowd with your strong canvas Basset Hound
Tote Bag. You can get yours, along with Basset Hound calendars,
posters and many other fantastic Basset Hound items at our online

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