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These Charming Beagle Calendars will provide you
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Some Cool Info about Beagles

The best quality of the Beagle breed is they are one of
the most friendly dogs you will find. Beagles love to
be around people, children, other pets and even strangers.

Originally bred as dogs for hunting rabbits, Beagles have
advanced to become popular dogs for competitions in
field and conformation. Beagles however are not known
for their ability to be trained, they seem to just want
to do what they want to do and not what someone else
thinks they should do.

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Tippy and Turbo watch all the Charlie Brown and Snoopy
shows on television. Snoopy is their hero. What other dog
has fought the infamous Red Baron? Turbo and Tippy wear
their Snoopy underwear to bed every night......but don't
tell anybody.....
They made this web page sometime during the night when
everyone else was sleeping.

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