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This Loveable Boxer Figurine Will Charm You!

Do you or a loved one love Boxers? Are you or someone you
know a collector? If so, you will love this artistic and
detailed Boxer dog figurine!

Boxer dogs are known for their funny, clownish charm, love
of children and family, athleticism and guardian skills. The
Boxer is one of the most popular breeds of dog in many
countries including the United States.

Boxers originated in Germany, where they were bred from
guarding, herding and fighting dogs. But the Boxer of today
is even tempered, good natured, and highly intelligent,
loves life, and is a steadfast friend and playmate to his
family. Today Boxers serve as Service Dogs for the
handicapped or blind, police and military dogs, and best
friends for many.

This loveable and playful boxer dog figurine is just
watching for you to take it home. You will discover a
lifetime of smiles in this charming Boxer as it gazes at you
from your desk or shelf.

Position your Boxer figurine on your desk at work, on top of
your computer's monitor, or even on the dash of your car and
show everyone "The best dog in the world!" Our funny Boxer
dog bobble head is perfect for the car dashboard or the back

Go now to our easy and low-cost online store to get yours,
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doggie calendars, figurines, clothing, and other gifts for
any dog lover.

Loveable, Lifelike and Colorful Boxer Dog Figurines

These Colorful Boxer Figurines
make Great Gift Ideas or..... for a special treat for you.

Brighten up your day with an Irresistibly Cute
Boxer Figurine

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