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Shopping Bags

to Show Off Your

Love for Boxer Dogs

Zestful Boxer Tote Bags - A Stylish and Sturdy Way to Go!

Show off this fashionable Boxer tote bag with original paintings
of a dignified Boxer looking out from the panels and you
will surely get compliments from every side!

Pack in your necessities and a few doggie snacks and toss
the wide, woven straps over your shoulder, and you are ready
for anything from work to shopping to sunning by the
seaside. These roomy bags will easily carry the supplies
that you and your Boxer need for the day's fun.

We keep one by the front door for those last minute
necessities like our camera, doggie bags, and a water
bottle, and another in the car with extra toys, snacks and
expanding leash so we are ready to stop for a walk in the
park whenever we choose.

These classy tote bags show off Boxer beauty in full living
color artwork by a popular professional artist. Boxer people
who own them tell us that these bags are a hit wherever they
take them.

Our strong canvas bags are great for both men and women, and
will make an excellent gift for your Boxer loving friends
and family. Hurry over to our easy-to-shop online store and
see them and our other many Boxer gifts, accessories,
calendars, Boxer mugs, Boxer Figurines, Boxer Greeting Cards,
and other cool bargains.

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