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Two wonderful stories by our readers about their Pets

Peppy Pets
Dec. 11, 03

Brutus, Sam & Emmitt

Brutus (Chow & Spitz) is a fast runner. He use to run around
our two storage sheds and then run underneath the car.

Right behind him would be Sam (Chow & Lab) and Emmitt
(Rottweiler & Chow). One day, they were playing chase as usual.

Brutus tricked Sam and Emmitt by running around the sheds
and then cutting back between them.  Sam and Emmitt collided
head first into each other.

They were staggering around and shaking their heads as if
seeing stars, while Brutus was "laughing" and watching from
underneath the car.

This is one time I really missed out on video taping them at play).
Pet Story sent in by Linda Smith


Cheyenne the Trucker Dog

Cheyenne came to us at about 10:00 one evening. Our daughter
brought her to our house saying some kids were giving away
these puppies. The kids gave the pup to our granddaughter
and no one knew where the kid lived. She was only about 1
1/2 weeks old! I made up an emergency puppy formula until I
could get to the feed store for the right formula.

We only intended to keep her till she was old enough to eat
on her own, about 6 weeks. However, she had other ideas! She
nuzzled her way into our hearts and lives!

My husband and I are truckers and she is a trucker dog! She
loves to go on the truck. When my husband and I were running
separate trucks we would occasionally meet up at a truck
stop. And she KNEW it was his truck when he pulled up before
she ever saw him! She is very obedient on the road. She
knows all the rules! She is also very protective of "her"

In the truck, anyone coming near it she turns Cujo! But
outside the truck, she is just as sweet as soda pop! But she
is part hobo dog! Always looking for a handout, of food that
is! She has been all over the country, from border to border
and coast to coast! She loves getting to smell all the
different places! She must have blood hound in her

I have never seen a dog that loves to sniff like that one!
And it isn't all show! She can smell a piece of chocolate at
20 yards! My husband and I take turns driving the truck (one
of us is home while the other is on the road) but she is
always with me. And when I have to spend the night somewhere
other than a truck stop I never have to worry! I have the
best truck alarm in the business! So if you see a big red
truck go by with the cutest little black and tan dog riding
shotgun, give her a wave, she always answers with a few

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Our Tribute To Santa Claus

Tippy and Alfred have been really busy putting together a
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Just wanted to tell a bit about my lab mix I got from the
shelter in '97. They guessed her to be 4 months old--and
when I got her she was just a handful. I didn't think she'd
turn out to be well mannered at all. Well, boy, was I proven
wrong. At the time, I had a 12 year old Lab mix who I had
since her & her sister were 6 weeks old. Her sister had died
the last day of May in '97, so, after 4 months of grieving,
(both of us) that's when I went to the shelter.

Anyhow, Spunk has learned so much, and is extremely
intelligent. I have fibromyalgia, a painful muscle
condition, so it hurts to do much, hurts to bend down at
times, and this dog, without really being trained, will pick
up things I drop, bring her food bowl to me (most times!!),
and just wants to be with me constantly. We are best
buddies, and I sure would be lost without her.

After her old buddy died in '99, we both went into a
depression (my 2nd since '97) and it took her awhile before
she'd even eat. I had to hand feed her, and eventually had
to take to making homemade food. Well, guess what? Now
that's all she'll eat!! (Maybe she knows something we don't
about dry foods!) So, needless to say, she is really
spoiled, but I love her more than anything else in this
world, and years from now when she's gone, my heart will
break all over again. Just hope it's a long ways down the
road from now. Just wanted to tell you about a very special
dog -- sometimes I think she reads my mind.

Oh, and one more thing she does, since I can't hold a leash
when walking, she is trained to walk off leash, all I have
to do is say CAR! and she gets in the ditch. She's one smart
girl! Not bragging really, just amazes me how some dogs can
FEEL what they should do & do it. Thanks for listening.

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