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Peppy Pets
Feb. 13, 09

I couldn't stop thinking of this kitten, Little Orphan Andy
By: Ann

My story began on a hot Monday. When I arrived at
work, I heard the pitiful cry of a kitten and started
looking around to see where the noise was from. I
finally stepped over to an old trailer on the parking lot
and called "here kitty, kitty." I heard a couple of meows,
then this little black and white kitten comes running out
from underneath the trailer, stops at my feet, looks up at
me and meows again as if to say "Help me please!"

I scooped it up in one hand and carried it into the office.
When my boss saw what I had, I got "the look"; I told him I
would call Animal Control and have the kitten picked up.

I got out a bowl and put some water in it; then found a box
and lined it with shredded paper and put the water and the
kitten in the box. After eagerly drinking some water, the
kitten started making a lot of noise; the poor little thing
did not want to be alone again! I carried it to my desk,
hoping it would quiet down. It got quiet, but that little
kitten certainly did not want to sit still! I finally had
to put it back in the box; it let me know that it did not
want to be in there, it wanted to be with me.

Animal Control showed up shortly thereafter and picked it
up; since I had received a few minor scratches I was told
the kitten would be held for 15 days to make sure there was
no problem with rabies.

When I got home that evening, I just couldn't stop thinking
about the poor little kitten; how heartless somebody was to
have abandoned it at such a young age (about 6 weeks); and
thankful that I found it when a severe thunderstorm hit that
night. If the poor little thing hadn't died from the heat,
or being run over by a vehicle in the lot, the storm would
have drowned the little thing for sure.

The next day, I contacted someone in my company that did
animal rescue work. When I told her the story about the
kitten, she agreed to get it from Animal Control when the 15
days were up. I said I would pay the adoption fee. It
turned out the little kitten was a male; my coworker
promptly called him "Little Orphan Andy" when she got him
from the shelter. She fostered him for several weeks; then
took him to a Pet Adoptathon held at a local pet supply
store. A man came in and fell in love with little Andy;
apparently the feeling was mutual as the kitten fell asleep
in his arms. His new daddy took him home and named him Taz.

He now has a loving home with other companion animals and is
growing up fast. I receive picture updates from his foster
mom and reports on his wellbeing with his new family. It's
kind of ironic that someone threw the little guy away, only
for him to be found and ultimately placed in a loving home.
Hisses to whomever dumped him; purrs to his foster mom and
his new daddy. I feel lucky to have been able to help Taz
by finding him that hot August day.


You and Your Dog's Health
By: Tippy

Free radicals are extremely reactive chemicals. They are
produced within the body and are by-products of normal daily
biochemical reactions. They are also produced outside
the body and are by-products of the normal every day environment
like chemical flea and tick products, heavy metals, parasites,
drugs, ultraviolet rays, house and garden pesticides, bacteria,
fungus and more.

Free radicals eat cells in the body which does a number on
DNA, proteins, enzymes and depresses the immune system.

The answer is for your dog to increase their antioxidants
which neutralize free radicals. One of the best ways we've
found is by giving your dog Antioxidant Treats.

Not only will your dog Love the taste of these treats,
but they are so wonderfully good for them in helping to
neutralize free radicals and help to prevent many of
the serious metabolic diseases.

Antioxidant Dog Treats Here

Not only does your dog need antioxidants, but you do too.

We all live under stress from various lifestyles and eating
habits, encounter pollutants and heavy metals and lack of
sleep which all contribute to free radicals being formed in
your body.

We not only are concerned about your pet's health, but
your also. We've looked at hundreds of products over the
years and are a big advocate of taking antioxidants, but new
research has found......the world's most powerful antioxidant
is already in your body!

It's called glutathione and is found in every single cell in your
body. Scientific research has found that in every person over
the age of 20, glutathione is not being made available as it
should be.

We ask if you would take a few minutes of your time to find out
more, the results in thousands of folks are totally Amazing.

Find Out More Here

Please watch the video on that site.

We are also looking for 2 people who are looking for a
fantastic way to make some extra money and desire to help
a lot of people feel a whole lot better in the process.

If you are one of those persons, please watch the fireside chat
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If you like what you see, email Dave back and we'll be in touch.
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Turtles as Pets

We have a lot of really good pages on our site about turtles
and turtles as pets, along with many other reptiles for pets.

Check out all the Fascinating Facts about Turtles as Pets Here

See some Delightfully Cute Stuffed Plush Turtles Here


How do turtles communicate with each other?

By their "shell" phones......


Your Pets out on Parade

Scooter and the Pigeon

We have a cat named Scooter, he is a Manx and we call
him Fat Cat because he is. When he was a kitten he was not,
but as he grew he got bigger and bigger. We have him on
a diet for ten years and he is no lighter.

He does not do much anymore, but when he was younger he
would bring us everything you could think of into the house,
dragonflies shrews, mice, lots of birds, and the biggest
of all a pigeon, all through the cat door. The most
amazing thing about it all is all these creatures were
alive!!! He was very kind.

The pigeon was the most shocking, as he flew through the
house, getting caught in our ceiling fan and going for a
whirl before carrying on through the house with us
running behind, as he sat licking his paws!

He is a very special part of our lives, as he lays in
front of the fireplace sleeping with his legs in the air,
we think of how much he will be missed when he goes
to cat heaven, but his funny little ways will always
be with us. So if you are thinking of getting a Manx
you better be prepared for lots of gifts from one special
breed and a lot of special love.

Jacki, Ron and Scooter


Darlene Coleman

We have a little Yorkshire dog, we have had him since he was
6 weeks old, his name is Toby, he weighs 11 pounds, and is 11
years old. He is black and brown, has big brown eyes, he
sleeps with us every night. He eats on the floor by the
table when we eat supper, I fix him some meat to eat while
we are eating.

Toby takes a shower with me every Saturday morning, he
loves it. He goes with me outside to burn papers, he thinks
we are his mommy and daddy. We love this little dog that
thinks we can't do anything without him.

We also have a cat, Sammie 2 years old, they are the best of
friends. Toby understands a lot of words, he is very smart.
Toby goes for a walk with me after I get home from work. He
will wait till I go to bed before he will go in the bedroom.
He has the run of the house and is a great enjoyment to have
around. I am sending you a picture of him.

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