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Peppy Pets: Information on Cancer and Pets
Feb. 05, 04

Dr Steve Steinberg's  Vet Cancer Registry - a veterinary
cancer database that is free and available to everyone.
There are over 4800 cat and dog cases represented which
makes it the largest online vet cancer database.

The Web Site of the American College of Veterinary Internal
Medicine (ACVIM). If you are searching for a specialist in
oncology, neurology or other small animal problem
try the ACVIM database.


We have 3 dogs 2 spaniels and a Collie cross. Jamie is 1yr a
black and white Spaniel, Jet is 7 months a black cs and
Shellie is black and brindle and 6 months, all neutered. My
partner and I love them all very much and tell them every
day. They give so much love back. 

Ray and Angie Edes


Hi, my daughters name is "Nokta", meaning "dot, spot" in
English. She is a six and a half year old Dalmatian. She is
with me starting from her 21 days of age. Then she had only
one spot but now she is almost black with overlapping spots
all around her body. We live with my mom and dad.

Every day we tell her how much we love her and use the "I
love you phrase" for many times. Every time she hears the
phrase, at first she sits up in her bed, then bends her
black ears to one side or another, pretending as if she does
not understand what we are saying. I call this position of
hers as "dumpy Dalmatian look" as she uses it all the time
when she tries to fool us. 

She behaves like this as she wants to hear it again, to make
us repeat. Then we repeat and her tail starts to wag,
putting one paw up and one paw down and pointing to the
refrigerator with her nose, as if trying to tell that if she
is that much loved, than she deserves one more of that dog
chocolates that we keep on top of the refrigerator in order
to keep them away from her. 

We believe that always talking with her and expressing our
thoughts and emotions about her leads to a better
communication in between.


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1st - I enjoy reading your ezine, especially -- Oh what the
heck--ALL of it. There isn't an article I don't read and
often re-read.

2nd and more importantly... Does anyone know of a feline
leukemia-friendly shelter that would find a home (or be one)
for a sweet, loving tom named Yeowler?

Our vet says he can't be over 2 years, if that. He's sweet,
loving, loves dogs (at least our Peke--they walk together in
the yard whenever Moki is let out). We were originally
going to bring him in, but we already have 5 cats and can't
take the chance of Fe-Leuk being transmitted to them.

The youngest is 4, the oldest two are 14. . I'm already
getting him his shots to keep him healthy. Please help.

Shari L. McCormick

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