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Horse Cookies,

and Antioxidants


Peppy Pets
Feb. 14, 03


I have a miniature horse named Ragtime. He is now a 17 year
old stallion, who is a grey and white pinto. Years ago we
fought our city in Thousand Oaks, California and our
Homeowners Association to keep Ragtime as a pet. The city
said that he was livestock, rather than a household pet.

The news about this case went international! He has since
made a movie and many appearances on both television as well
as articles in newspapers and magazines.

We successfully proved that miniatures are indeed equine,
but differ in many ways than their large ancestors. We won
our case in both Municipal, and Superior Courts. He has
made me from a very shy withdrawn person, to an out going
informative and educational lady. We enjoy lots of charity
events, both as a loving pet, and also as a celebrity. My
final words to explain this very special pet is simply to
say ..... "to know him is to love him".
Patty Fairchild


Hope you are having a great Valentine's day. Remember
to pay special attention to your pets today. They deserve
hugs and kisses for all the great, un-conditional love they
give you.

Pet's are angels in disguise

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For the Better Health of your Pet
Jane Bick's D.V.M.

Horse Cookie Samples:

Antioxidants defend against dangerous free radical damage,
which many scientists believe are the cause of rapid aging
and many other ailments, such as degenerative joint problems.

I've formulated a special blend of vitamins, minerals,
real honey, real maple sugar, flaxseed meal, applesauce,
and Rice XTM for horses!

If you have a horse and would like to try a sample of
my Delicious tasting Oven Baked Horse cookies, then
go here to find out more:

Horse Cookie Samples

Please limit to one sample per customer.
U.S. residents only

These samples and the mailing cost come directly out of
our representatives pockets. This is not a big company
promotion, so please only send for a sample if you are
really considering an excellent, all natural, healthy treat for
your horse.


Pepe loves me to death

My Chihuahua dog would tell me every day, I love you. He
always likes on my feet and legs wanting me to pick him up
he won't even go out side and leave me unless I walk out
with him. He is always under my feet and he just loves me to
death. He is my baby. He is a little chocolate Chihuahua,
Pepe is his name. He is so precious, he is 4 yrs old. and I
love him just as much.

Doris Dees

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