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Peppy Pets
Feb. 19, 03

The Better Way to your.....
Obtaining Good Ear Health For Your Pet


We cover here the warning signs and symptoms of
Ear Mites in dogs, cats, rodents and rabbits
in our library of pet health care.

Ear mites in pets can be a source of perpetual
misery for the animal and can even lead to some
more, serious problems if the ear mites are not
taken care of.

Fortunately getting rid of ear mites in cats, dogs,
rodents, rabbits and other animals, has a fairly
simple and easy solution, and a solution to ear mites
that will work.

Read our informational articles on Ear Mites which
are listed below for you.

Preventing Ear Mites in Pet Rabbits

Ear Mites in Cats

Lice and Mites in Rodents

Also, if you have a horse and it's shaking it's head
a lot, then ear mites might be the culpret, so check

Head Shaking in Horses

Then follow the directions below.


What You Can Do To Help Alleviate Ear Mites

HealthyPetNet's ....Herbal Ear Formula
will help keep your pet's ears clean and healthy.

* A regular cleansing regimen is the key to healthy ears.

* Cleans ears and eliminates odors
* Dissolves ear wax
* Removes dirt and debris
* Soothes minor irritations
* Leaves ears dry, which discourages regrowth of
harmful bacteria and fungus

It is non-toxic and Safe for kittens and puppies and
formulated by one of the finest holistic vets in the world,
Dr. Jane Bicks.

Pick up a couple of bottles today and give your
precious pet the best product out there that money
can buy for their ears.

Online Here

Our Original Logo for The Peppy Pets Daily web site

My dog was a Christmas gift from very good friends. They
brought him at Thanksgiving 8 years ago when he was 6 years
old and I have whispered a prayer of thanks every day since
then. Beau (or Bobo as I call him) was abandoned at a Navy
base and my friend just happened to be working as the base
dog catcher that month. He knew I wanted a "husky" type dog
and thought I would be pleased with this one. He was not

Beau has been my constant companion and my best friend for 8
years. Without him I would be lost. I swear he understands
everything I say and does most of what I tell him to do the
first time. They call me "The lady with the white dog" here
at the apartment complex and I tell all my friends they just
tolerate me so they can see Beau every day.

He worries that I will leave him alone so he usually sleeps
in the room I am in or in the doorway so I have to walk over
him to get out. He follows me everywhere and I hate to go
places where I can't take him along. He loves to ride in
the car and is a very good traveler. He is very polite in a
motel too. I always take a comforter for him because he
sheds long white fur constantly and he is very good about
staying on his blanket.

In short he is the perfect companion and I don't know how I
ever got along without him. When I need a hug he comes up
to me and shoves his nose under my hand so I have to pet him
and then he smiles at me to cheer me up. What a guy!

Patti Justice


Mai Tai

Mai Tai is the love of my life, and the best gift my son
ever gave me. He is a blue-point Siamese, mix, but retained
the best genes of the pure-breed heritage from which he
hails, in beauty and intelligence, and the calm, loving,
affectionate nature of a more evolved species.

My "Baby" is 14 years old, and healthy as a horse, no pun
intended. He has a few quirks, but who doesn't. He lost his
purr somewhere along the way, maybe in Arizona. I lost my
wallet. He's a Wild Thing on the road, but puts up with my
geographical escapes. We've crossed country half as many
times as his age. I'm a bit older, but cringe at the feline
life expectancy charts, making him 75 to my-well, 50-

And, I ask you -- why doesn't he just dig and bury like a
NORMAL cat. Well!!! This guy is just too comfortable here to
bother. It's like, the seat stays up. I am MAN.

Yes, HE controls this house and I wouldn't have it any other
way. I've had him longer than any other man, and well, I
guess he's a keeper!

Barbara Burke
Houston, TX

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