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Pywacket the 12

pound Siamese Cat

who chases Rottweilers

Peppy Pets
Jan. 17 / 03


The Story of the Childlike Pywacket

I have a 12 pound Siamese named Pywacket from the
movie "Bell, Book and Candle"...she knows her name
and many phrases and acts more like a trained dog
than a cat.

She can open the cupboards and get her own cat treats...
jumps from a 2nd story balcony when she goes outside and
chases Rottweilers out of "her" yard.

She was under my pickup about 10 years ago when I came
out of a movie theatre and jumped in my truck...rode home on
the back of the seat...followed me in the garage and
has been "mine" ever since.

She is like a child...gets into things if I am not home in her
time frame and if I spend the night away from home I
can be sure that she has messed up every throw rug...
scattered the mail around the house and I don't dare
leave jewelry laying around because she carries it off
and I may never find it!

I am a widow so I don't know what I would do without
her company...someone dumped her I am sure and she
is absolutely beautiful...I wish she could do commercials
but she isn't very friendly to strangers. When I spend
too much time on the computer...she walks across the
keyboard to interrupt me.

Pywacket & mom, Juanita


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Jack the Cat Found in a Trash Can
Barbara Downey

This is Jack's story. Jack was found in a trash can in West
Virginia with his brothers and sisters, minutes before the
truck arrived. They were about 5 weeks old and in such bad
shape they were brought to the shelter to be euthanized.

When someone picked them up they purred so loudly the people
at the shelter thought they should try to save them. They
found a woman who fosters kitties and she took them all.
They were in such bad shape she lost 2 of them in the first
week. Though they had some health problems she nursed them
along, and they were ready to be adopted.

Jack was sent to Virginia to a lovely woman who takes care
of orphan kitties until they are adopted. A family from PA.
was looking for a little brother for their first cat, a boy
named Lola. When they passed all the requirements to adopt,
they drove to VA and picked Jack up.

Today Jack is doing fine as a little brother. He is
affectionate and extremely rambunctious. He still purrs very
loudly, and loves Lola and his human family.

My Little Kitten Nermal
Gerald Hinshaw

I'm not very fond of cats. But several years ago I lived in
a trailer court. Every time I came out the door this little
kitten was on my doorstep. It was as friendly as could be.
I noticed though that the other cats in the neighborhood
were beating up on this kitten.

After seeing that its tail was broken and half an ear torn
off I felt pity for it and took it into my house. I gave it
the name Nermal after the Neighbor kitten to Garfield. The
one Garfield keeps doing pranks on. This kitten fit in well
with my three dogs. It even enjoyed baths to the point it
would try to climb in with me.

Brandy Finally Comes to Me

Last summer we had a Rottweiler living in our fenced in
yard. We have 2 dogs a black lab mix with Chow male and a
Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso mix male we got from the pound.

Well this rottie had a broke little rope around her neck and
a chocker chain tight. She had ran away from someone but she
was very very timid and it took weeks to get her to let me
especially to pet her. One Sunday I was determined to make
up with her. It was cold October. I could not stand the
thought of her living up under our little boat all alone and
cold so I kept going out talking and feeding and out of the
blue she came to me.

I cried I love animals and it touched me so much that this
big ole baby dog finally trusted me. After that it was a
matter of getting her used to being in a house with people
and other dogs and 4 parrots but she did. :. She had never
been in a car and looked like she had had pups because her
lil ninnies were big. So we took her to the vet got her
shots and then spayed. She acted like cody and shadd (other
dogs) had been around her forever. Anyway the vet said yes
she had pups and she appeared to be 2-3 years old and very
very badly treated which broke my heart.

She is now sleeping with us. Eats when we eat and goes to Ky.
with her brothers in style. She took her stitches out when
she was spayed and scared me to death. Hubby had to try to
put the fat which he thought was intestine back in her she
never tried to bite, cry or anything.

She's now a big part of our family and the best dog anyone
could ever ask for. She's sweet, she minds but she's still
very very sensitive. I baby n spoil her along with the
others. We have an acre of fenced yard for our dogs to run
in. She has been a true blessing to us in so many ways. God
brought her to us he knew we would take care of her and knew
she was a lady tee hee. Thank you for reading my long long

Connie Bennington

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